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Woohoo…. the Little Man’s room is DONE! I mean there’s still some projects I plan to do in there, but, for the most part, it’s finished!!! I love this room! It’s the only complete room in the house. So, the little man and I are spending a majority of our time in here and forgetting the rest of the place (and all the work) exists.

Unfortunately the camera is still MIA so please bear with my photos…. I had to use the phone again and was having some major lighting issues with the sun coming in through the window. Usually lots of sunlight is a good thing….but NOT with a camera phone that keeps trying to auto-adjust!

I’ve broken this up into several parts because there’s a LOT going on in his room!!


I’m working my way around the room in a counter clockwise fashion so you can get the full picture.

Here’s his SUPER cute sleeping area:

Okay, so before I get a whole ton of comments on how dangerous it is to have bumper pads and stuff in the crib let me voice my opinion on the subject. 

I get that there’s a lot of concern surrounding SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome) and it is a terrifying thing to think about…. I mean the thought of my baby dying for no known reason is SCARY!  But here’s the deal.  While I was pregnant and for the first several months of the little man’s life I was beyond terrified about SIDS happening to him.  I read all the horror stories and it was to the point that I was loosing sleep because I HAD to check on him every hour or so because all the hysteria surrounding SIDS had me scared senseless.

After talking with my pediatrician I learned that the percentage of children who are actually affected is miniscule and there are other factors that go into play.  We discussed safety and my concerns and ultimately he instructed me to relax and go with my gut. 
As I see it- most of us were raised with bumpers in the crib and we’re still here so I put the bumpers back in the crib.  

My main decision behind this was because the little man moves a LOT in his sleep and was constantly bumping into the side of the crib and waking himself up.  Also, there are mornings when I come in and he’s got his head burrowed into the corner (he had a dent for awhile there).  So, the bumpers are there- I have the front one off and an oscillating fan going to allow proper air flow.  In fact, removing the front bumper worked out well because now I use it at the top of the railing to keep him from chewing on the rail.

He does sleep with a blanket over him.  Honestly, he gets more tangled up in those sleep sacks than he does with the blanket.

And he has a couple of stuffed animals that sleep with him too- THE HORROR!  Okay, I know, I’m being a little snarky… it’s just that I think we have turned into a society that goes overboard on many things.  I probably wouldn’t be so snarky about this subject if people hadn’t terrified me so.  

Anyway, yes, he sleeps with stuffed animals.  I slept with stuffed animals and I’m fine.  In fact we’ve been having issues with the little man self soothing himself to sleep and the pediatrician told me to find him some type of “security blanket” or “sleepy-time friend” that he can grab on to in order to help him adjust to sleeping on his own.

Now, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get me wrong…. I am NOT saying that we shouldn’t worry about SIDS.  

It is something important for everyone to be educated on and to be aware of.  While SIDS is a concern I don’t allow myself to be paralyzed by the fear of it anymore.  I try to use common sense and my gut instinct when designing the little man’s space.  Now, enough of the SIDS talk and on to happier things….

Like these super cute vinyl characters that I found on Last Chance clearance at Kohls!  These are actually 2 separate sets.  The first set is the tree and birds that I paid $7 for!  I was going to do a huge tree mural in the old house but once we realized we’d be moving I didn’t want to do something so permanent.  

This tree actually worked out really well! The second set consists of all the safari animals only $3 at Kohls—gotta LOVE their clearance section (no, this is not a sponsored post—I just really love the clearance section—I got the crib on final clearance at Target for $125— and the comforter set at Babies R Us’ clearance section for $70– see I’m an equal opportunity clearance shopper)!  

There was a zebra but he didn’t make it in the move- he was decapitated during his removal from the wall.  RIP little zebra dude.

Stay tuned for more! Check out more of the Boy’s Jungle Theme Nursery.
I promise not to preach from my soapbox on the next installment! Smile

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