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Interested in becoming a contributor for Serendipity and Spice?  We are currently looking for 8-10 monthly contributors in the niches of parenting, crafting, home decor, mom style, and recipes.  Find out more about what we’re looking for and what we can offer.

*If you are a business looking for a product review, sponsored post, or guest post linking to your site please refer to our Advertising Page.

Call for

Become a part of the Serendipity & Spice Creative Team

**We have currently filled all contributor positions.  Please apply for a guest post position if you’re interested in contributing to Serendipity and Spice.  Otherwise, you will be contacted when a position opens up.  You may also apply for both positions if like.

Serendipity and Spice receives approximately 300,000 page views per month with over 200,000 unique visitors. This site is dedicated to helping busy moms find parenting advice, family fun activities, kid crafts, DIY home decor, and delicious yet simple family friendly recipes.

We are looking to expand our creative team this year and will be bringing on monthly contributors.

Why Join the Team?

I love helping bloggers reach their goals.  Now that Serendipity and Spice has grown large enough to help up and coming bloggers I want to share that momentum to help you grow your audience.  This isn’t just a contributorship but the opportunity to join a team of individuals all looking to help each other build their blogs and achieve the next level of success.

We promote each other!  We lift up each other!

What promotion do YOU receive as a contributor?

Our Commitment to You:

  • Author bio in your posts.  All of your posts will be credited to YOU.  We are not looking for ghost writers…we want to help YOU grow YOUR brand.
  • Your logo on YOUR photos.  We don’t believe in placing our own watermark on your photos…you place your watermark on all of your own photos.
  • Links to your own content.  Within each post you are encouraged to link to other relevant articles on your own blog to help drive readers back to YOU!
  • Your own author page on the Serendipity and Spice website.  This page is all about you- a bio with pictures, links to your top posts, and links to all of your social media outlets.
  • Sidebar feature on the main page of the desktop site linking to your author page.
  • Social Media Sharing.  In addition to your contributing post to Serendipity and Spice you may choose 1 additional post per week to be shared twice on the Serendipity and Spice Facebook Page, 5 times on Twitter, and scheduled in Tailwind to syndicate to all relevant boards including many group boards with hundreds of thousands of followers.
  • Private Facebook group for content team to discuss blog post ideas (for Serendipity and Spice along with your own personal blogs), strategize for holidays, and share each others posts across social media.  This is a private mastermind group to help you produce amazing content and grow your own blog in the process.
  • Bonuses will be awarded for any posts that hit 100,000+ page views within 60 days of posting.

Your Commitment to Us:

  • Contributors are asked to accept a term of 6 months.
  • All content must be new and original ideas.  All photography for recipes and crafts must be original photography with copyright release.  Stock photos may be used for posts that are not specific about a certain item or process.  For example, a post about potty training can be a stock photo as you don’t want to post a picture of your own child hanging out on the toilet!  It is the responsibility of the contributor to find Creative Commons stock photos and give attribution where needed.
  • Content may be edited and republished on your own site 4 weeks after the post has been published on Serendipity and Spice.  However, you must edit the wording by at least 20% and produce new photos.  This is so that neither site gets dinged by the Google bots.
  • Contributors are asked to follow a basic post format that includes at least 4 photos.
  • Contributors will be granted access to submit their posts through the dashboard and it will be your job to format your posts, add meta descriptions, add alt tags to photos, and make sure that your post is SEO ready.
  • Posts must be submitted on time according to the posting schedule you receive upon acceptance.

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Submit a Guest Post

In addition to the regular contributors part of the Creative Team we also are regularly looking for guest posts from up and coming bloggers.

What’s the difference between a guest post and a contributor?

A guest post is just a one time post on a site….maybe twice.  A contributor is an on-going, monthly post, and intricate part of the creative team.  Due to the added time commitment requested of contributors only contributor positions are compensated at this time.

However, guest posts do still qualify for the bonus program.  If a guest post reaches 100,000 page views within 60 days of posting there will be a $100 bonus paid out.

And, as a guest poster, you will still receive all of the social media exposure including:

-Your post shared across all social media channels.

-One additional post shared across all social media channels including being scheduled out to over 100 Pinterest group boards with hundreds of thousands of followers.

-Backlinks to your website.

Apply for a guest post position here:

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