Dead Glue Gun, Sippy Cups, and the Dishwasher

A Surviving Toddlerhood Post.

surviving toddlerhood


Sippy Cup Dilemmas

My dear precious Little Man has been very picky about sippy cups!  We’ve bought dozens of different cups…. disposable cups, rubber cups, hard tip cups, soft tip cups, leak proof cups, non-leak proof- turn it upside down and watch it all drip out cups, cups with straws, cups with leak proof straws, water bottle cups, etc…. you name it we’ve tried it!

Well, finally we found the PERFECT cup for him—wouldn’t you know it’s the cheap 3.99 seasonal sippy cups with a straw at Target?! 

The Dishwasher Ninja

Alright, let’s jump gears for a moment…  My dear precious Little Man also LOVES to “help” unload the dishwasher.  Now, fellow mothers you ladies know what I mean by “help”, but for those of you not yet on this toddlerhood journey let me enlighten you.  You think “oh, how sweet, her 16 month old knows how to unload the dishwasher”.

Yeah, not so much sweet as…. hmmmmm…. let me just say he has a “unique” way of unloading the dishwasher.  It never fails, my son has radar for the dishwasher and oven.  No matter how quietly and slowly I open them he will drop everything he’s doing and come running to “help”.  He’s like a little ninja! 


He can be back in his room (the farthest away from the kitchen) and he’ll have ESP that mommy is in the kitchen about to do something.  For someone who’s less than 3′ tall and weighs a mere 26lbs he typically walks stomps around louder than my over 6′ tall 250lb husband…I swear the downstairs neighbors couldn’t believe that they NEVER here my husband but ALWAYS here my Little Man!  Anyway, he’s got some mad ninja skills because as soon as the dishwasher opens he’s there- in a flash-without a peep- and he’s grabbing the most dangerous items out of the dishwasher and “putting them away”. I’ve found glasses in the toy box, knives (which no longer get washed in the dishwasher) in the laundry hamper, plates in the bathroom, forks on the couch… once I found a spoon in the toilet—don’t ask—I really don’t want to think about why!

Anyway, he likes to “help” put away the dishes and this sweet precious Little Man does it faster than he does anything else—he just zips around putting stuff “away” and no matter how much I try to make him stop I just can’t—I mean I don’t want to yell at him or tell him “no” too much because let’s face it—I DO want him to want to put away the dishes for real in another couple of years.

So, what on earth does this story have to do with a dead glue gun.  Seriously, I know you think I’m some crazy mom going off about sippy cups and dishwasher unloading… but it’s coming.

Death of a Glue Gun

Well, the other day when I was making my St. Patrick’s Day wreath I was sitting at the dining room table (my craft room for now) and I plugged in the hot glue gun and started gluing the decorations on.  I popped in a new glue stick once the old one ran out and continued gluing a few more items.  But, the glue started drying faster than I could attach the items….weird, right!

The glue stick was about half finished but I couldn’t get it to push any further.  I decided that the heating element was dying- but no- I burnt the ^&$*(#$& out of my finger “checking” it.  But, then I noticed that the glue stick was hollow- all the glue in the center of the stick was gone.  I was beyond baffled!

I pulled the glue stick out of the glue gun and inspected it- other than being a little harder than normal I couldn’t figure out what was the problem.  So, I gave in and decided my glue gun had finally died and I’d just go buy a new one.

Instead of finishing my project I went to the kitchen and started unloading the dishwasher.  My Little Man, with his mad ninja skills, showed up and started “helping”.  He, of course, grabbed the utensil basket and I was able to grab it as one of the sippy cup straws flew out and hit me in the face.

Yes, I was literally hit in the face with what had happened to my dear glue gun!  Have you ever noticed how similar a sippy cup straw looks like a glue gun stick?  Almost identical…..

march 010

So, there you have it—I killed my glue gun (although I think it’s more like manslaughter…it was unintentional) by means of a sippy cup straw!  Apparently, the sweet precious Little Man had “put away” several sippy cup straws with my craft supplies.

That’s my life with a toddler….now if I could just figure out where he’s hidden all of the spoons (seriously, we have like 3 now).

I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and visit awhile!


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  1. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says

    That is so funny Melissa! When my son was little, he could hear a candy bar being unwrapped from the other end of the house!

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