How losing GoogleReader will really affect my stats…

So here we are- faced, yet again, with threats that GFC is going bye-bye.

Now, as per usually, there are a thousand different stories from a thousand different people speculating what this means for the blogging community and how we need to jump up and save our readers.

There have been reports saying that Google is only getting rid of Google Reader which is separate from Google Friend Connect….others say they’re one in the same….others say they’re getting rid of both….it’s a crazy ordeal that has sent bloggers in full fledge panic mode.

Am I one of those in panic mode…no…. but I do understand the implications.  I mean if GFC goes away I lose over 600 subscribers– BUT, I have to ask- how many of my readers come from GFC.  According to my analytics- very few.  Is it going to hurt me cutting my numbers by 600- Yes, yes it’s  going to hurt- especially when reporting my stats to potential sponsors.

Hopefully, this change won’t affect my traffic though- which is the part I’m worried about.  Luckily, a majority of my traffic comes from Pinterest and my Weekly Newsletter (I see huge spikes on Mondays when the newsletter goes out).

As of right now Google is only doing away with Google Reader not GFC.  And that’s because of lack of use. GFC is a different platform that is attached to Blogger- now if they do away with GFC we may all be affected a bit differently.

To be brutally honest I don’t think many of the 600 GFC subscribers actually come to my blog on a regular basis….I mean let’s get real for a minute…. there are dozens of “Follow” parties every week and many of my GFC “readers” are fellow bloggers who follow THOUSANDS of other blogs- so I have to guess that my little blog just gets lost in the jungle.  And I’ll be honest- I don’t check my GFC blogs daily- when I have time I’ll scroll through and check out what interests me. As I do with BlogLovin and FeedReader.

This is why I believe social media is the way to go from now on.  A majority of my personal time is spent on Social Media– this is how I keep up with most of my bloggy friends and other blogs I follow.  I mean, let’s face it, if there’s a blog that I truly want to follow I will follow them on multiple platforms… I follow via Google+, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc….because that’s where I am and it’s the easiest way to keep up.  I’ve been working hard on promoting, growing, and utilizing Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+ because that is the next step in blogging evolution.  Ever since I finally figured out Twitter (which took me over a year- and I’m still no expert) I’ve really started to enjoy utilizing that platform. If you’re a blogger- check it out- I’m always giving people shout outs over there!

And from my post, Why Google+ is Replacing Facebook, we all know I’m a HUGE G+ advocate (yes, even though it is the same Google that is causing this freak out- Google+ is still the future and Google knows that- they’re working to streamline everything over to Google+).

Of course Pinterest is the gold mine for bloggers! Thousands of people are joining Pinterest everyday and I’m still getting TONS of new visitors everyday from this post I did almost a year ago!

So, with all these multiple platforms you shouldn’t worry too much about losing readerships…I don’t expect a huge decrease in stats come July 1st…. because those people who read me and follow me are doing so on multiple platforms….so even if they do get rid of GFC I don’t see it as losing 600 readers.  It’s just one less thing to report/update because those 600 people are probably also following me on another platform too.  Make sense?

Just relax, breath, and don’t fret about the impending doom of Google Reader going bye bye.  I promise come July 2nd (well, give it till the 15th to let everyone cool down a bit) you won’t even miss it!

And on the side of caution- if you are here via Google Reader or GFC then please- follow me however you wish! 🙂 I’ve listed some easy places down below:

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  1. says

    Great post. I’ve been wondering how that will change things for me too and Im not too concerned either. I’m still figuring out twitter. Everyone says they make so many friends there, but I feel like its a big party and no one will let me in! Yet…

  2. says

    I haven’t been worried about it since I heard the news, mainly for the reasons you said. I have never used Google Reader, I follow on multiple medias to stay up to date. To the point it’s daunting! lol
    Debbie 🙂

  3. says

    Great post!

    I agree that social media is definitely the way to go. Still because I’m planning on working more with sponsors I have to try to get my numbers back up. Hopefully by next Monday I’ll have my Bloglovin’ Bloghop geared up and ready to go. *fingers crossed*

    I love Pinterest btw. You should check out collaboration boards. I get a TON of traffic from those.

    p.s can’t wait to meet you at Bloggy Boot Camp!


  4. The Thriftiness Miss says

    Great explanation.. I wish I would have came right here when all the panic arose.. Following on bloglovin now 🙂 Happy Sunday!

  5. Missy Shay says

    The notice I got, only mentioned Google Reader, Not GFC. Google Reader is how I “follow” all of my blogs, whether I follow them through RSS Feed or GFC, although the majority I follow is through GFC. Although, I wonder how many do not show up in stats because they just read my blog in their reader without clicking on my blog?

  6. says

    Hey Melissa,

    THanks for this. I just came into the game about a month ago, and don’t really know what google reader, GFC or bloglovin is. It seems that the fact that google reader is going away has sent everyone in a tailspin. I don’t know. I am falling in love with Google + but hardly anyone is on there. I love twitter – and facebook is hard to get followers. Pinterest, I just don’t really get. I don’t have pretty pictures anyway – so…

    The more platforms you “own” the harder it is to get followers – cause you are giving people too much choice. No? Maybe it’s just me. Like, I’m thinking maybe 3 things. Don’t know yet though.

    There is always a “new” thing.

  7. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says

    Thank you Melissa, for addressing this! I remember all to well the last round of this when everyone jumped on the Linky bandwagon…which was awful. I do not read blogs through the google reader…I see them on my dashboard and click on them and go directly to the blog. I would love to link to your post on this tomorrow. Can I do that and just send people here who are panicking?

  8. says

    I came because Danni alerted me to stop worrying and come read this. Well, I read it and I think I understand. I do not use social media though I do have a Facebook page for my blog. I have been on Pinterest for a long time, but never really seen it as a way to increase blog traffic. I do know that if I follow you with GFC, your blog posts show up as they are published on my Blogger dashboard and that is how I choose what to read. I will pin this and come again to try to figure it out.

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