I think Supermom lives above me!

So, for starters, living in an apartment takes some getting used to and some adjustment!  It’s weird no longer having silence during nap time (for both me and the little man).  Luckily he’s adjusting and takes his naps as long as it doesn’t get too noisy.  Our apartment is well insulated but there’s always some type of landscaping going on outside, or repair men walking around working on the units outside the windows, and whatnot.  We really can’t hear our neighbors except for when the upstairs ones are running and jumping around or the mom is vacuuming or sometimes I can hear the garbage disposal or laundry going…. mainly stuff that vibrates the floor is what I can hear.  Anyways…..  I am convinced that SuperMom lives upstairs!
Why do I believe, without a doubt that SuperMom is my neighbor?

Well, for starters they moved in the same day we moved in.  They have 3 children ranging from 1 to 12.  And they have already established a regular routine….. yeah, routine is not even in our vocabulary right now!!!  Now granted, they haven’t settled in like we are working on, because they only plan on living here for 3 months—they are waiting for their home to finish being built. 
SuperMom has a pretty tight schedule that she adheres to regularly.  I feel like I’m eavesdropping in some weird way by knowing their schedule…… but it’s not my fault we live below them right?!?  Well, anyways I know that I should get to know them and that I would probably learn that it has taken her 12 years to figure out this perfect SuperMom schedule and that she had the trials and tribulations that I am facing….. but no, jealousy seems like a far easier thing to focus on.  So, my jealous self will share with you the schedule of a SuperMom!

SuperMom Schedule

7am- Wake up & Take A Shower (oh yeah, I can hear the water going through the pipes—nothing loud, just barely audible)
7:30- Wake up kids and get them out the door for school.
8am- Return from dropping kids off with baby in tow- let baby run around while gathering laundry
8:30- Begin daily cleaning ritual- Vacuum whole apartment, run a load of clothes, run the dishwasher
10-2- Run Errands
3- Return home with kids- who play quietly but you can hear the pitter patter of little feet running up and down the hall.
5pm- Make dinner (I can only assume- this is when I usually hear the garbage disposal).
6pm- Wash dishes
6:30- Put on 2nd load of laundry for the day.
6:45- Vacuum whole apartment again
8pm- Silence
And, just for kicks I’m going to share with you the schedule of a SuperMom in Training (ie: ME)

SuperMom in Training Schedule

7am- Hit Snooze
7:30- Hit Snooze….Oh wait, the baby monitor doesn’t have a snooze button….. open one eye to double check that the baby monitor is indeed where the noise is coming from….. grumble that it’s too early for little ones to be up
7:40- Make way down the hall to get baby
7:45- Horrendous diaper change—not what you want to deal with before coffee or breakfast….weight loss plan in effect.
8am- Make coffee for me and breakfast for baby.  Here SuperMom come home and begin daily cleaning routine….think to self “How, oh how???”
8:30 All HELL BREAKS LOOSE…. BABY INTO EVERYTHING!!!!!  Can’t vacuum- he wants to chase it.  Can’t do laundry- he wants to unfold it all.  Can’t unpack boxes- he wants to unpack them too and put everything in his mouth. So we watch Disney while he throws his toys all over the living room.  Once he completes that task we must go to his bedroom so he can complete the book removal project he began last night.
11:00am- 30 minute time out for Mommy while baby takes much needed nap.  Here SuperMom finish cleaning ritual and get inspiration but where to begin????  Laundry gets noisy and will wake up baby, so no.  Vacuuming is noisy and will wake up baby, so no.  Dishes clanking around while loading dishwasher is noisy and will wake up baby, so no.  Blog about SuperMom living upstairs? YES!
11:30- ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE AGAIN…. we spend another 30 minutes getting ready to leave the house
12pm- Begin running errands for the day
1pm- Little man tired of running errands, stop for lunch (bye bye weight loss plan….Mommy is STARVING)
2pm- Try to finish errands but little man wants to go play and will no longer behave in the store…. crying, kicking, screaming, biting, etc ensue
2:30 Mommy gives up and returns home
3:00pm – Naptime (for both of us!)
5pm- What’s for Dinner? Well, we didn’t make it to the grocery store sooooo……. I wonder what SuperFamily is eating tonight?
6pm- What’s for Dinner?  Hmmmmmm…….
6:15- Feed Baby
6:30- Daddy comes home from work “What’s for dinner? I’m starved” Ummmmmmm…..
7:00pm- Dinner decided on should be ready in an hour.
8:00pm- Dinner served
8:30pm- Little man goes to bed
9pm- Mommy is EXHAUSTED…. lucky to make it to the couch to watch 1hour of tv
10pm- Daddy wakes Mommy up from couch so she can sleep in the bed.
Repeat vicious cycle tomorrow.

And that, my friends, is the difference between SuperMom living upstairs and the life I am currently living learning to become a SuperMom.  One day will be my day.  And I know that some new mother somewhere will look at me as the new SuperMom……I just wish that day could be sooner than later!

So, are you a SuperMom?
If you could have any SuperMom power what would it be?

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  1. says

    1) You gain experience with time. She has had 12 years of perfecting the routine

    2) some people are weird and have to adhere to strict schedules

    3) My oldest is six. Six years from now I will still be hitting snooze but the kids will be much more helpful with the chores. They better be. It’s what helps me get through each day 😉

  2. CaydensMommy says

    haha! your schedule is SO my life on a daily basis! our son just turned two and by the afternoon I am beyond exhausted! I’m lucky if i remember to feed myself…lol nice to know Im not alone though 🙂 enjoyed this!

  3. Anonymous says

    August the 30th sounds very close to me, so I assume that there is not much changes so far, eh? 🙂 Hey! the miracle will happen eventualy… I am still waiting for mine, for the past two years. And you know what is funny? that I have some moms that are coming to me for advise and admire my work with her. I believe the main key to be a super mom is plenty of love, and you have it!

  4. says

    This is hilarious! I’m here to tell you that after 16 years of motherhood, there’s still nothing “Super” about me. Maybe your upstairs SuperMom really does have special powers cuz I certainly can’t fathom how else one could vacuum daily, let alone TWICE!!
    The only super power I think I’d request would be a super powered cleaning lady to do it all for me. Lord, what I wouldn’t give to come home from work to a clean house and dinner made every day!!!

  5. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says

    How funny! No…am not, nor never was a supermom! But definitely did better when I could have a schedule! You’ll get there Melissa and I’m guessing that beautiful boy thinks you’re a Supermom and that’s what counts!

  6. says

    If I could have one super mom power, it would be that “fast forward” trick that Samantha used to clean the house on “Bewitched” — either that or the power to do without sleep. I could get so much more done if I never had to sleep.

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