Lamp refashion- from DRAB to FAB!

Do you ever have one of those mornings where you wake up before everyone else and feel productive?  Well, that’s the kind of morning I’m having… It seems like I can get so much accomplished when everyone else sleeps!  Now, on to my project…

I have a newfound Love for turquoise!  I’m really digging the pop of vibrant color that it adds- especially during this dreary winter.

Back during the spring I found this table lamp at a yard sale for $1…

It’s cute but I brought it home and just didn’t Love it anywhere, so it went in a closet

and hasn’t come out.  The other day I was looking in said closet and saw it and figured why not paint it- If I screw up it was only $1 anyway.

Now, you all know I’ve had this new fascination in decorating with cable knit sweaters…. So, yep I covered the lamp shade with scraps from a cable knit sweater!

I pulled out the glue gun and went to town!

I didn’t have quite enough sweater to fully cover the shade, but no one sees the back anyway… so it’ll be our little secret!

Then I pulled out the paint and began painting.  I used basic Americana acrylic paint in Desert Turquoise (I paid .99 for it at Hobby Lobby).

Let’s just say it was bright! But I wanted a shabby chic look anyway so I scruffed it up a little bit and added a coat of basic black that I wiped off as I painted.

The black paint settled into the grooves nicely and toned down the bright turquoiseperfectly!  You can see how some of the gold from the original lamp is coming through…which I think is okay… it adds a little depth to it I think!

I decided it needed a little bit of bling!  So I found this old broach in my jewelry box, it was my grandmother’s and it looks perfect!  I never wear broaches so I think this is a great way to enjoy my grandmother’s broach rather than letting it sit in the jewelry box.  This now resides on my desk and brings me joy everytime I look at it!

Now I Love my new turquoise lamp!

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  1. Shari says

    Very creative!!
    I am a new follower for the Linky Party hop! I hope you will stop by my blog, say hello and follow me back!

  2. Angela @ The Not So Functional Housewife says

    I adore turquoise! Your lamp turned out so beautiful!

    I get so much more done while everyone else is sleeping. It feels like I can concentrate better… lol.

    Thanks so much for stopping by to link up for Functional Friday!


  3. says

    You have such a cute blog. I found you on the link party. I am your newest follower. 🙂 If you would like to check out my blog that would be awesome and follow me back..I would love to feature you on my blog sometime, you have way cute stuff.. :0)


  4. Becca says

    I love your touch with the sweater. I would never have thought to do that! Thanks for stopping by to check out my turq lamp!

  5. Holly Lefevre says

    It looks lovely! That turquoise is gorgeous, Adding the cable knit to the shade is clever…and I ADORE the lamps taste in jewelry!

  6. Kammy's Korner says

    how cool – I love a good lamp makeover! 🙂 Now using the sweater…. yup – I’m seeing a trend here! 🙂 Clever!

    • Serendipity and Spice says

      Yeah- turqouise scares me because it can be over the top… but it’s really growing on me. This is the first thing I’ve done in turquoise… it was actually practice for a dresser that I’m going to do… It’ll be a several part series that I’m hoping to get started on in the next week or so. Hope you choose to follow along. 🙂

  7. WhyCuzICan says

    How fun!!! Now THAT is a true brain storm there!

    Visiting from DIY Home Sweet Home linky party and thanks for sharing 😀
    ~Suzanne in NW Illinois

  8. Monica @ Color Me Glamorous says

    I love how your lamp cam out. I never thought about using a sweater! So smart!
    New follower from COM link party. 🙂

  9. Audra @ The Kurtz Corner says

    I love those kinds of mornings! Now following you! Thanks for stopping by The Sunday Social at The Kurtz Corner! Hope to see you around the blog-o-sphere! 🙂

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