Flu Cheat Sheet Free Printable

This free printable flu cheat sheet is the perfect resource to place on your fridge so you’re ready if and when the flu hits your house.  This free printable flu cheat sheet goes hand in hand with my Tips to Prevent the Flu to keep you well this winter.

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Free Printable Flu Cheat Sheet

Be prepared when flu season strikes!

The flu seems to be everywhere we turn these days….friends are coming down with it, the news is constantly reporting on it, the schools are sending home letters about it…this year it’s scary and out of control.

That’s why I’ve made this FLU Cheatsheet for you to print out and keep handy in case the flu strikes your house. Fill this sheet out with all of your doctor information and keep it somewhere safe so you can refer to the symptoms and know when it’s time to seek medical attention.

If you need to seek medical attention all of the information you’ll need is right there on the sheet so you don’t waste any time.

Stay well this flu season!!!

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