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We are entering into my absolute favorite time of year… the lazy days of Summer!

When I was younger, as soon as school let out for the Summer I would head to Florida and spend several weeks with my Nana and Grandaddy.  Being the oldest of 3 children and the favorite 🙂 (my Nana confirmed this at every visit) of 7 grandchildren this time gave me some one on one time with my grandparents where I was able to be the center of attention.

My Nana would spoil me rotten during my weeks there.  Upon arrival there were always freshly made cupcakes (vanilla and chocolate) waiting for me.  We would go to the pool everyday.  She would cook my favorite meals.  And every year we always went out on the lake several times.  Whenever we would go boating on the lake she would always make egg salad sandwiches and pack the good coke (in glass bottles) with chips and some kind of dessert.  It was always a blast!

So here’s the recipe for those amazing Egg Salad Sandwiches:

4 hard boiled eggs
About 1/4 cup of Mayo
Squirt of Mustard
Some finely chopped onions
Dash of Salt
Sprinkle of Pepper

Okay, so I don’t measure- which I get is a pain because whenever I read “season to taste” I wonder- how do we know how much to season and to what taste…. yet, I do the same thing! 🙂  Just bear with me!

Everyone’s tastes differ- so really just add ingredients until it tastes good to you!

Once the eggs are hard boiled you just peel them and mash them up with a fork- then add the other ingredients and mix well.  That’s it!

You can use whatever bread you like.  I usually toast some Honey Wheat bread. And, of course, make some super yummy Chinese Donuts for dessert!

Now here’s what makes it perfect….
You absolutely must….

wash it down with a good old fashioned Coca Cola in a glass bottle!

Note: Look for Mexican Coke- it’s made with real sugar (it’s the original recipe) and tastes so much better! You can usually find individual bottles sold for about $1 in the ethnic foods aisle at the grocery store.  The only way you know it’s Mexican Coke is that it’s in the Hispanic section of the grocery store and the ingredient list on it says sugar.

Can you think of anything better than an ICE COLD Coca Cola in a glass bottle?

Don’t you think the glass bottle makes it taste better?!

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