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So I absolutely, positively, totally fell head over heels in love with this fabric that I found at Hobby Lobby!
(Don’t tell my husband- he may get jealous!)
Have you ever come across a pattern that you just love so much you want to cover everything in it?
Well, that’s how I feel about this fabric!
So far I’ve used it for my Kitchen Stand, this oven mitt, pot holders (I’ll be posting those soon), and embellishing a kitchen towel (post coming too).
I’m thinking of using it for a step stool, a spoon rest, oh and maybe some curtains, ooooh and maybe some EAT letters for the wall… too much?
My old pot holders and oven mitt were

disgusting!  They have been severely abused- they’re stained, burned, torn…

The outside my be ugly but the thermabond is still good- so I decided why not just re-cover them…
First, I cut the Oven mitt open along the seam.
Then I measure it so I could cut a large enough piece of fabric to cover it.

This is the tricky part- you want to pin the fabric to the mitt so you can sew it on.  I found that the curve along the bottom needed little slits so it would lay flat.  

Now the thumbs, you have to be extra careful and make sure that you spread them wide before cutting so there is plenty of fabric for each side.

I decided to embellish the top with a bar mop towel that I found at the Dollar Tree- perfect match!

I made sure to sew all the way around- although, looking back, I would have left more of the bar mop on the inside- the ends like to poke out a bit when you pull the oven mitt off.

Next, I sewed the oven mitt closed with the fabric inside to create a clean seam.

Finally, I just flipped it rightside out so the pretty fabric was on the outside.  I did have to add a little piece of the bar mop to the thumb where I didn’t cut the fabric well enough and some of the old fabric was showing through.

But I’d say it was a HUGE improvement!

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