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Dead Glue Gun, Sippy Cups, and the Dishwasher
A Surviving Toddlerhood Post.   Sippy Cup Dilemmas My dear precious Little Man has been very picky about sippy cups! 
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I think Supermom lives above me!
So, for starters, living in an apartment takes some getting used to and some adjustment!  It’s weird no longer having
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Bigger Jeans? "YES PLEASE!" Some profound advice!
My best friend came over the other day with her son and she had some profound advice that has really
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It’s okay to fail!
Have you ever had one of those days where you just knew you shouldn’t have gotten out of bed because
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A First Plane Ride… Keeping a 6 month old happy on a flight
So I researched and researched and researched some more on how to keep a baby happy on a plane.  
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The Crazy Happy Dance
I was getting dressed a little bit ago and my husband starts looking at me like a crazy person, he
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New Parent Humor: A husband’s guide to an explosive diaper!
New Parent Humor A Dad’s Guide to an Explosive Diaper! Have you ever found yourself in a new parent situation
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