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Finally, my first Silhouette project is complete!  It has been a trek but it’s been totally worth it.  Now I LOVE my Silhouette Cameo.  I just received it a week ago and have been having so many issues getting it to work properly.  The machine kept cutting all the way through my cutting mat- even on the lowest setting.  Then it was only cutting all the way through on part of the image… it was so weird.  Well, finally completely frustrated I contacted Silhouette to find out what I was doing wrong.  They responded immediately and let me know that it sounded like a defective cutter and they would be sending me a new cutter and cutting mat immediately!  Talk about GREAT customer service!!!

So, now I’m finally able to play and I have bunches of ideas!

This project was a last minute thing that I just had to do or else I was going to go insane!  My spice cabinet (which I’m sure is like most peoples) is an absolute disaster!  It’s so hard to find anything because…

1. I can barely reach the shelves- much less the back  of the shelves.
2. Everything is just thrown in the cabinet.
3. Whenever anyone reaches for anything at least 5-6 other things fall out with the original item.
4. When above mentioned things fall out they usually fall into whatever happens to be on the stove cooking.
5. When above mentioned things fall into what is cooking someone (me) gets frustrated and throws said things back in the cabinet and shuts the door really fast before they can come back and attack again.

So the spices may not be perfectly organized or beautifully displayed- but at least they are corralled so they don’t attack!

Spice Corrals Using Shoe Boxes:
Looking back I should have used primer because it took about 4 coats of paint to cover the yellow and it’s still showing through!
After applying this I realized it’s really hard to read unless you’re right up on it so I decided to use some adhesive vinyl.  Since I just got my Silhouette I had a very limited choice of colors on hand- I did this project at like 11pm and just wanted it done.
The gold color is growing on me though…
I had originally wanted to do the label in black and add black satin ribbon along the edge to make a more finished look- but it was too late to go to the store and I just needed this done!
Now when I want something I just pull down the whole box and nothing attacks!!

I can’t wait to make more projects!  Next up I’m working on transforming baby formula containers into ground coffee holders!

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