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Raising boys is one mean feat. Parents who raise boys should get some serious credit, because it’s hectic, noisy, busy and really awesome. Understanding how boys work helps a lot in raising them and staying sane while doing so. Here are some fun ideas about raising boys that may help you in your important journey!

Strengthen your relationship

Tips To Strengthen Your Relationship With Your Son

Keeping The Relational Connection Strong

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Great tips for raising sons

Dinner Times Together

Research has shown that families that have five or more dinner times together, bond extremely well and have a closer family unit. It also leads to more secure kids and less issues with drugs and alcohol abuse in later years. Regardless of whether it’s at a restaurant or at home, spending dinner times as a family eating and talking about the day or important topics is a valuable commitment to make while your boys are at home.

The Four Influential Times Of The Day

Research has shown that there are four times in each day that are most influential when it comes to raising kids and keeping the family /relational bond strong. They are: First thing in the morning, after school, dinner times and just before bedtime.
Keep this in mind as you raise your boys and try to keep these times positive and full of meaningful interactions, even though you are most likely tired and pressed for time! Our boys will be out of the home before we know it; make the time to prioritize the quality of these four times every day!

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Know Your Son’s Love Languages

There are said to be 5 love languages that people (and kids) prefer receiving. Learning which ones are your child’s will help strengthen your relationship, as you’ll be giving them love in a way that is most meaningful to them! The love languages are: Words of Affirmation, Acts of Service, Receiving Gifts, Quality Time and Physical Touch.

Dad and Son

Do What Your Son Loves To Do

Getting involved in what your son loves to do, regardless of how messy or noisy or physically active, will be far more beneficial to your relationship than trying to keep him calm and in a ‘box’. Go for a walk on the beach, play soccer in the yard, make science experiments, collect bugs and google them. Take that extra time out to connect with your boys in ways they love and watch them light up!


mom and son bonding

Tell Them In Detail Why You Love  Them

Don’t assume they will know this already. Tell them in detail how you delight in them, what you love about their personality and character, what you foresee for their future and tell them about their birth story – how you felt when you were pregnant, what you loved about having them, how proud you are about certain things as they’ve grown up. Shower them with adjectives and words and assume they know nothing. They will blossom and get a deeper sense of self confidence knowing how they are seen from someone else’s point of view.

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Our sons are only with us for a certain amount of time. Let’s be proactive in using every moment we have with them to build them up to be secure men one day, full of memories of family and a mom and dad who loved them and took the patience and time out to connect with them while they were young!

How do you let your son know that you love him, in ways besides words?
How do you keep your relationship bond strong? Share your tips with us, we’d love to hear them!