Tisa Jackson – Crafts Contributor


Tisa Jackson

Crafts Contributor

Tisa is always laughing, creating stationery and blogging in her studio in Texas. She blogs about life at Just My Little Mess.

She loves to create DIY projects and share about her not so perfect running life. She loves anything and everything paper and also finding ways to make someone’s day brighter. When she’s not making a huge mess crafting, she loves to hang out in cute local shops, travel and long runs with friends.

Tisa love’s coffee and 100% sure it loves her back. Tisa is married to her best friend and a mother of two.

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Fun, colorful, simply printable makes an amazing gift.  Simply, print grab some envelopes and tie with ribbon
Gumball Machine
Why limited yourself with ‘normal’ gumball machine colors.  I purchased a standard red gum ball machine and painted it an amazing color.
coasters 3
Yes, we all can create personalized chipboard coasters.  With just a few supplies, you’ll have the perfect accessory for a party or create these and give as a nice housewarming gift