I promise we’re bringing this baby shower to an end…. just not quite yet!  I just have so much to share with you.  Have you missed any of it?  Check out Sugar and Spice Baby Shower Ideas Part 1, Sugar and Spice decorative water bottles, In Lieu of Card, and finally How to Make A Diaper Wreath.

So here we are onto part 4 of the Sugar and Spice Theme Baby Girl Shower!

sugar and spice baby shower

This is by far my FAVORITE project from this baby shower!

decorative canister from snack container
I took these ugly snack containers and turned them into beautiful canisters.
I used these to hold the silverware for the party and now they’re in my niece’s bathroom storing cotton balls, Q-tips, and other stuff.
The transformation of these containers was super easy and cost me about a quarter!  you can’t beat that!
snack container to stylish canister
You are going to LOVE how simple these are—and they make such a great impact—you can do this with any paper to match your party theme (I made some for Little Man’s first birthday and did Mickey paper with black ribbon—sooooooo cute!)

Start off by picking out your scrapbook paper to cover the canister.  Trim it to the right length and wrap around the canister.  Now, the paper that I got was a little too short to go all the way around so I just cut an extra piece to patch it and no one ever noticed.

I paint Modge Podge all along the container and then wrap the paper around and smooth out any bubbles.  Be careful not to tear your paper!  Once it’s dry just use the hot glue gun to secure ribbon around the top lip of the container.  I left about 5 inches on each side hanging so I would have enough ribbon to make a big bow. (With the Mickey ones I didn’t add a bow and just used the hot glue gun to secure ribbon around the lip).

So cute…they look great! I made several in coordinating designs.

decorative containers


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