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A new mom review of the VTech Safe & Sound ® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor.  Join in on the Motherhood and VTech Twitter Party on Wednesday, February 18 at 1 p.m. ET to chat about baby and child safety tips…plus, a chance to win one of five nursery safety baskets featuring VTech Safe & Sound ® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitors.

VTech Safe & Sound Monitor Review

VTech Safe & Sound Monitor Review, Twitter Party, & Giveaway

As a work at home mom to a newborn infant and rowdy toddler I am constantly checking and double checking on Miss Jellybean.  I feel like I’m constantly running to check on her and making sure that she’s safe, breathing okay, comfortable, and that Little Man isn’t harassing her…which he LOVES to do!

This past week we had to take an unexpected trip to my mom’s house in Atlanta.  I had some important work to get done so I enlisted the help of my mother and grandmother to keep the kids occupied while I worked in the other room.  Even though I had extremely qualified babysitters I still felt the need to constantly check in and make sure everything was okay…I was getting very little work done!

So I decided to set up my VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor.  Instead of running from the office upstairs because I “thought” I heard Miss Jellybean crying or Little Man causing havoc I was able to keep working while keeping an eye on them….finally, I was able to be productive!

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The VTech Safe & Sound Video Monitor is so easy to set up…it’s literally plug and play making it simple to take on trips with us.  I love that it has 2 way communication so if my mom or grandmother needed anything I could easily answer them (or scold the kids) without leaving the home office!  And I could easily scan the room to check in on both kids and make sure everyone was behaving….it gave me piece of mind while getting stuff done!

When we go back home next week I’ll be able to easily set it back up in Miss Jellybean’s room….it even has a wall mount if I choose to use it.  I’m beyond thrilled that it has automatic night vision so I can check on Miss Jellybean even when it’s the middle of the night….without disturbing her.  We can even get a second video camera for Little Man’s room and check in on both of them using the same parental unit….it’ll actually let you connect up to four different cameras.

You can watch this quick 2 minute video I made and see more of the features:

The picture quality is slightly distorted in the video….I actually really like the quality of the video monitor and it does give a crisp picture…unfortunately the video doesn’t show it very well.

You can learn all about the different features of the VTech Safe & Sound ® Pan & Tilt Full Color Video Baby Monitor and it’s got a great price point of $179.95.

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