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Why Get on Google+ NOW!

So remember a few years ago when Myspace was the IT thing and EVERYONE was on it… then, practically overnight Myspace was a waste of space and Facebook was EVERYTHING to EVERYONE?

google plus

Well, unfortunately, I think the same is about to happen to FB with Google+ being the next BIG thing.

Let’s face it, FB is no longer user and blogger friendly…. it’s all about the money now.  Seriously, they want me to pay $5 on my personal page so that all my “friends” see my latest post…. really?! And let’s not discuss what they want me to pay them so my “followers” can see posts- that they signed up to see anyway! And, why can’t I just read my newsfeed in chronological order?  How do they know what I want to see.  It took me over a week to find out a friend was pregnant because the almighty FB gods didn’t think it was Top News.  Anyway, I’m not going to rant away I’m just going to start putting more energy into building Google+.

Why am I jumping on the Google+ bandwagon?

Well, my husband told me over a year ago that I needed to because I wasn’t going to like the changes that were coming with FB- and (she says sheepishly) he was right.
I had him explain to me why he believes Google+ is going to be the next BIG thing and he really made a lot of sense:

1. It’s Google- everything is Google now

Heck Google is now a verb too- seriously, go google it!  Seriously though, Google is integrating EVERYTHING.  My phone is synced with my tablet that is synced with my laptop which can sync with my husband’s schedule and… long story short- we can find whatever we need no-matter what device we’re using—all because of Google.  Google integrates a majority of your online accounts and it knows everything- it’s Google! Winking smile

2. Circles on Google+

Circles allow you to not need separate accounts for different blogs or businesses.  When someone adds you to their “Circles” if you add them back to one of your Circles you can control what they see.  So, for example, on FB I have my personal profile ‘Melissa Llado’ and my business profile ‘Melissa Lea’ and then my FB page ‘Serendipity and Spice’.  The object was to keep business and personal separate- but signing in and out to do different things is a pain in the ________!  So, on Google+ I have one account.  With that account I can add people to different circles, for example, any fellow bloggers or followers who puts me in a circle I then put them in my Serendipity and Spice circle.  Once they are in my Serendipity and Spice circle I can then write an update just for them…. no signing in and out…. no jumping to another page.  I simply write my status and click ‘Serendipity and Spice’- then that status shows up for my readers but not for my friends or family…I don’t always want to bombard them with my blog stuff and I don’t want to bombard my readers with all my personal stuff- ya know.  I can then write another status and click ‘Family’ and only that status will show up for my family…. and so on.  EASY PEASY!!!

3. Google+ interface is SIMPLE

Everything is shown in chronological order….yeah—no having to constantly switch back to “most recent”.  Google+ doesn’t try to decide what is a “top story”. You can decide how much of each circle is shared in your home screen (if you want friends, family, blogs, etc all mixed or visit each circle separately).  It’s oh so simple to have conversations with others.  I can easily jump from family to friends to ‘Serendipity and Spice’.  I feel like I get to connect with my readers more because of the simple interface and ease of commenting and 1+ing! Also, if you have that annoying friend who always posts craziness (we all have one)- you can very easily ‘mute’ them!

4. What is Google+ 1+

WHAT?!  Yeah, it took me awhile to figure this one out…. so the 1+ is basically the equivalent to a FB Like…. BUT, so much more!  Let’s say someone does a 1+ on a post you share- it increases your SEO!  Yes, by essentially “liking” stuff on Google+ you are helping others build their dream! AND, let’s say you decide to 1+ my post about Legal Stuff for Bloggers not only do you put your stamp of approval on it (Like it), you boost the SEO for that post for me, AND you save it so you can easily access it later!  Everything that you 1+ can easily be retrieved similar to Pinterest.

5. Google+ Communities

These are great because you can start one whenever and invite others to join in on a conversation.  Just recently I was invited by Miss Information to a community on Organization where a group of bloggers got to get together and discuss organization tips for the coming year… that’s where we came up with last week’s amazing $150 Container Store Giveaway- yep, we’re behind the scenes making fun stuff like that happen for you guys.  It’s a fantastic resource to get a group of people together in cyberspace to have a little brainstorming session.

6. Google+ Hangouts

Although I haven’t used this feature yet I’m very intrigued.  This is something that would be used in lieu of a full fledge Google+ Community.  Let’s say I wanted to do a New Blogger Question & Answer session—well this would be the perfect platform!  It’s similar to Skype but you can do a video chat with a group- for free.  So it’s perfect for non-bloggers—I wish I had known about this for the Little Man’s first birthday, we could have had a Hangout with the grandparents for his first cake… they just had to wait till the weekend for take 2.

7. Sharing Google+ Circles

Okay, so why share circles and who do you share circles with?  Well, think of it as a LARGE blog hop that takes about 2 seconds!  I could share my “Serendipity and Spice” circle with my “Serendipity and Spice” circle- thus, giving everyone in my circle the opportunity to see who all I follow and they could follow too.  Or let’s say my Aunt Dale decides to join Google+, instead of her having to track down and find all of my family I could just share my “Family” circle with her and she’ll have them all in her circles in just a click.

So I hope you’ll circle me and hop on to Google+!

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  1. I’m new to Google+. I mean, I’ve had it for awhile, but I just didn’t “get it.” So thanks for the info. I’ll +1 it so I can find it later? Right? :)

  2. I have pretty much divested all of my websites of Facebook. It just has no value to me anymore as a webmaster and a blogger. Now my only fear is that everybody on Facebook is going to run over and join Google plus and then I am worried about what Google plus may turn into.

  3. Vicky @ Mess For Less says:

    I am still not sure about google +. I just can’t do another thing, you know. But I like your expanations and on the off chance that I do join I am pinning this.

  4. A work around on the FB issue is to repeatedly remind “fans” to put their “liked” pages into either category lists or at least one big category list (mine is called EVERYTHING) and click that list regularly which then causes the pages to show up in their feed. But it must be done regularly. I just look at mine every day.

  5. Missy Shay says:

    I have a question for you. I tried changing my blogger profile to a google+ profile, but it made me a no-reply blogger. Do you know how I can fix that? I changed it back to a blogger profile for now.

  6. Thanks.  It took me awhile to decide on Google+…. it’s a bit of a learning curve.  Glad you liked my explanations. :)

  7. True.  Facebook is not very blogger/business friendly anymore.  Hopefully, when everyone does jump ship to Google+ things will remain as they are. :)

  8. glad that I have an account on both never know what will become popular you are so right about that

  9. Pam @Threading My Way says:

    I haven’t joined Google + yet, basically because I don’t want to learn another ‘thing’, but maybe I should invest the time. Thanks for your thoughts.

  10. I didn’t want to join it at first- in fact, I told my husband he was crazy for the last year– but I finally took a day to try it and learn more about it and realized it’s growing FAST!  Right now I use it more as a community with other bloggers.

  11. Sarah Struss says:

    Thanks for the info. Definately following you on google +

    ~ Sarah


  12. Thanks Sarah! I’ll follow you back too! :)

  13. Samantha Conner says:

    Yes! This is what I was looking for- an easy explanation. I am pinning and sharing this one! If you feel like sharing this on our weekly linky party, I know it would be appreciated. It’s a linked linky, so link once and it shows up on 5 blogs. We need people spreading the word about Google+!!

  14. Sadly, there are a ton of people who don’t trust Google because they feel that it’s following them. My boyfriend logs out of my Gmail account just because he feels like they are logging him in to some kind of database.

  15. Amy Nordgren-Ditz says:

    I just started using google + a few weeks ago and I really am starting to like the format! I was a little hesitant but I love it! Right, now I still have both a FB blog and personal page and now really just using google+ for blog stuff but eventually when the rest of the world see’s how cool google+ is people are really going to like the features!! Great post! Stopping by from The girl Creative Link party!

  16. Deborah Smith says:

    I’ve been on Google+ for a while, but I’ve just never used it. I guess I was annoyed to have to learn something new, yet again. Now I’m thinking it’s time I get fully on board. Thanks for explaining it. I’m following from Kammy’s Korner.

  17. Kari Lindsay says:

    I’ve had a Google + account since I started on Blogger, but never really got it. This is great info, & your right, I so wish FB would just put my stories in chronological order!

  18. Hariette Petersen says:

    am so glad I stumbled across this post

  19. Kammy Wielenga says:

    same here!!! I spent an hour trying to change my no-reply status… am I really so dumb that I can’t figure it out?!


  20. I know! I wish FB would be more blogger friendly but unfortunately I’ve just had to accept that I need to focus on other areas.  I hoped this helped you.  I learn something new with everything I read about Google+… in fact, I’m already working on another post about it!

    SerendipityandSpice@yahoo.com • Serendipity and Spice • http://www.serendipityandspice.com
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  21. Thank you for the info – I have not spent much time learning Google+, but have found it very easy to use! I LOVE all the integration.

  22. I know EXACTLY how you feel!  I, too, was not looking forward to learning and keeping up with yet another form of social media!  But once I started using Google+ and started seeing the benefits (not only do I get better interaction with my readers and fellow bloggers- but my stats are up 30%!) I have turned into the BIGGEST advocate for Google+!

  23. Thanks! I completely agree! I’m not getting rid of my FB pages but I am putting more time and effort into G+.  The ROI is much greater at G+ because people actually get to see what I post. :)

    SerendipityandSpice@yahoo.com • Serendipity and Spice • http://www.serendipityandspice.com
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  24. Yeah- I can understand that.  But I figure in today’s times it’s inevitable that “big brother” is watching…I don’t worry too much about it because sooner or later Google is going to invent some algorithm that’s going to take into account all the factors of my morning and when I walk into Starbucks the barista will have my order ready before I even realize what I want— and the scary thing is– it will be correct!

    SerendipityandSpice@yahoo.com • Serendipity and Spice • http://www.serendipityandspice.com
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  25. Thanks for the tips! I having been trying to work out Google+ and it was all too confusing. I think I better go and check it out again.

  26. You’ll be happy you did– it took me a few trys– but now I LOVE it!

    Most Recently on Serendipity and Spice: How to Get a VS Bra Super Cheap

  27. holly lefevre says:

    great info…I hear this a lot. I am already over on g+!

  28. Shasta @ InTheOldRoad says:

    AWESOME! Love this post…I’ll be sharing it everywhere today :)

  29. Christine says:

    Ok I am jumping on this bandwagon. Can you set different profiles for your different circles? Or is it one profile that can be seen by all? I’m confused how to make this work for both my personal and blogging profiles

  30. Only one Google Plus Profile.. But, you can create Business Pages (or entity pages) and post & interact as them.

  31. You just have one profile and you sort people into circles.  Then you can share something publicly (this will increase your SEO) or you can just share with one of the circles.  So, you sort people into circles.  Like I have: Foodies, Crafters, Bloggers, Friends, and Family.  So, let’s say I want to share my newest recipe- I can either share it with everyone publicly OR I can click on my Foodies circle and just share it with those people I sorted into there. OR I can click on Foodies and Family and share it with 2 circles…you can add as many circles as you want.  Make sense?

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  32. How do you share a circle? I’m still not understanding this but I’m slowly getting there.

  33. This has been so helpful! I have been on Google+ for a while, but haven’t really worked with it much, I have been to worried about FB! What a waste of time it has been! I definitely will be back for your Google+ Friday feature! What a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  34. Great article! I have been wondering about Google+. I have actually been on almost 2 years, but never use it. I guess I will need to start using it, great tips!

  35. I think I’m getting it. I just added you to my circle :) Now to come up with a cover photo…

  36. When you click on one of your circles.  There will be a tab over to the right that says “Spread the Love” – just click on “Share this Circle” and it’s just like sharing a post. Hope this helps. :)


  37. Totally added you to my google+ because of this! wish more people would focus on google+ instead of facebook. Thanks for this post


  38. I really appreciate all of this information, I’m still trying to navigate Google+. Thanks for sharing it in on Fluster’s
    Creative Muster Party
    . I can’t wait to see what you link up next week.

    Hugs and Smiles,

    Fluster Buster

  39. Mardy Burleson says:

    Interesting post. I’ve had my g+ account forever but just now started using it more for all of the reasons you relayed above. Thanks and I added you to my “blogs” circle.

  40. Yeah- I had my account over a year ago but really just started using it within the last month or so– it’s about to take off!


  41. Thanks so much!  I do too- I’m so tired of FB and all their “updates”. :)

  42. Melissa Lea-Wood says:

    I love g+ and it is a lot easier :)

  43. It is isn’t it!  I had to take a double take at your name…. I’m Melissa Lea too! :)

    Most Recently on Serendipity and Spice: Google+ Me Friday Linky Party 2/8

  44. Thanks for all the google+ details, you have made it much clearer for me!

  45. I just joined Google+ a few weeks ago and feel like there’s a big learning curve just due to having used Facebook so long. This is an awesome explanation! Thank you! Pinned this. :)

  46. Sarah Schultz says:

    I am finding that the more I use G+ the more I prefer it over FB.

    Thank you for sharing at Weekend Wrap Up Party.



  47. Found this on Wonderful at Home Blog Hop. I just started using Google + and I am finding that I really like it. Thanks for posting this. http://whohastimeforthegym.wordpress.com/

  48. Wonderful at Home says:

    I’m glad you linked this on my linky party! It was a very interesting read! Feel free to come back and link up more posts! The party is open until Friday! Have a great day!

  49. Google+ has been a goal for me this year. So happy to have read this post. I have not been happy with Facebook for many reasons. I will be back on Friday! :)

  50. Suzanne Tate says:

    Great info. Thanks for sharing! I’ve been tinkering with g+…the Hangouts are awesome! But still feel like I’m missing something. Your post has helped! Cheers!

  51. Great post. Just joined Google+ and also just found your blog. However I’m still baffled with how you integrate your personal google+ page and your biz google page :-( Any help would be appreciated :-) Nothing I’ver read anywhere seems to cover this :-(

  52. This is what I don’t understand-how to integrate the two pages. Should everything I post on my profile post be posted on my biz page also? Still baffled by this :-(

  53. cory nicastro says:

    Wow–what an informative post! You’ve given me a lot to think about, and I will really try to drop in on this Google+ party! Also, I will be sure to check out your beginning blogger series because I am *gulp* a beginning blogger and need all the help I can get!

  54. Thanks for this information. I’m on Google+, but don’t use it like I could. I really need to start promoting it and make it grow. See you Friday!

  55. Thank you so much for this!! Google+ has been on my “to-do list” for quite some time and now you’ve just convinced me… FB is starting to become quite sad for bloggers and small business owners. http://www.creativideeworkshop.com

  56. I always tell my clients that it’s important for what’s “above the fold” meaning… that black toolbar that captures your info and feeds it into Google.. my Google rankings ALWAYS go up when I post there and let’s not forget the ever important Google Authorship! Great post!

  57. You should see my stats! It’s getting so bad. It’s starting not to matter what time of day and just the other day I added a bit.ly link to an update and Facebook said it was SPAM and I had to submit the form that it’s not! It’s a freaking blog post I’m trying to share with my fans. It makes me so sad. I love Google plus. I have been there for a LONG time but I’ve been waiting on the rest of the bloggers to get over there. It’s super easy to use. You can have your personal account and create a business page for your blog! The communities are super interactive. You get found quickly on Google! It’s fantastic. I almost want to discourage my clients from Facebook. I’ve seen bloggers use the promotion and get nothing more out of it! One charity grew their Facebook Fan Page faster than any I’ve personally seen. Cute pics of animals but their stats are just as low as mine and I have nearly 300 fans to their nearly 3,000 fans. I have NO idea what is going on. Then you have the 20% text rule on your cover page. Ugh!!! I hope your article will convince more bloggers to make the move.

  58. I am a huge fan and user of Google+. And Facebook is indeed punishing bloggers. You can barely upload your logo as your profile pic w/o getting a message from site admins stating that you’re violating some code of conduct. They are truly getting out of hand.

  59. I completely agree- that’s why I’m more focused on G+ now…. I’ve seen a much high ROI on G+ compared to all the time I used to spend on FB! :) Thanks for stopping by…. I have some more G+ tips on the way soon. :)

    Most Recently on Serendipity and Spice: Join Me and Let’s PARTY!!

  60. Thanks so much– I hope more people decide to move over too!  The rules over at FB are just over the top and annoying!  I mean if someone has already “liked” my page then they must be interested in what I have to offer- so I don’t see why I should have to pay for them to see my status update…it’s crazy!  Anyway, thanks so much for your comment and let’s hope more people switch to G+!

    Most Recently on Serendipity and Spice: Join Me and Let’s PARTY!!

  61. Thanks so much Kristen!!

  62. Thanks so much for stopping by and reading Karen!  I’m working on another post right now for G+ with some tips and tricks– there’s so much about G+ it’s incredible- I learn something new everyday! :)  Looking forward to you joining in on the hop! :)

    SerendipityandSpice@yahoo.com • Serendipity and Spice • http://www.serendipityandspice.com
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  63. Thanks so much!  Hey… we’re all beginners at some point. :)  I’m glad you found this post useful– I really hope you find the New Blogger Series useful- I’m constantly referring back to it!  Hope you’re having a great week!!

  64. I’ve given up on keeping the two pages seperate- I just have my regular Google+ page and share everything blog related “publicly”.  Anything personal I just share with my “friends” and “family” circles… make sense?  It just makes everything so much easier than jumping from personal to blog page all the time.

    Most Recently on Serendipity and Spice: Join Me and Let’s PARTY!!

  65. I actually don’t separate the two– I post everything from my personal Google+ page– it makes it simpler.  Anything blog/business related I just post “publicly” and anything personal I only share with my “friends” and “family” circles.  Make sense?

  66. I’m so glad you found this post useful!  I’m working on another tips/tricks about G+ post that I hope will help people out just as much. :)

  67. Great! I’m so happy you found this post helpful!  It took me about a year to really get on Google+ and now I’m SO happy that I did!

  68. I’m so happy you found it useful…. there really is a big learning curve- but once you get it you’ll be so much happier!

  69. Mary @ A Teachable Mom says:

    This is great info! Thank you! Am adding you to my now growing circles!

  70. Shannon Hawk says:

    Thank you so much for the great post! Lots of info:)

  71. Nicolette Roux says:

    I was just having this very thought train this morning! and well, google is google! :)

  72. kelly thompson says:

    I agree- i don’t prefer or like facebook as much as I used too

  73. Great post! I jpined Google+ recently and am still wading through all the features, but doing better there and Twitter…LOL I still have troubles tweeting stuff! Google+ is a great way to stay in touch and meet new people!

  74. ThePistachioProject says:

    Just so you know, you aren’t allowed to request follows on G+ in giveaways. Unlike liking a page on FB in giveaways, G+ doesn’t allow it. Not sure if that applies to follow hops but it’s something to think about.

  75. I love love love the communities over there. I’m looking forward to a way to better filter the conversations. There are some that have turned into sharing only, but what’s cool is that everyone is learning so a new one with better discussions is coming any day :)

  76. This is awesome. I feel as though I have heard so many people tell me how awesome the whole G+ is with very little explanation as to why. I needed this. But *groan* now I guess I do have to learn a whole other SM platform ;)

  77. I think Google+ will be like Facebook… when it becomes the “it’ social site, it will turn into the same user unfriendly site like Facebook is now. They have to cater to the users in the beginning to build their sites and then when they get big enough they take over for their own interests and motives to make money… they all want that mighty dollar. Look at what Google has done with the changes they made to Pinterest yesterday… they are not as user friendly now. Not happy with Pinterest right now!! :(

  78. Kelley Wilson says:

    What changes were made to Pinterest Yesterday??

  79. Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope this post inspired you to give G+ a try if you haven’t already. :)

  80. Thanks so much Mary– I’ll add you back. :)

  81. I haven’t heard…what happened with Pinterest?


  82. Don’t worry- once you get the hang of it it’s EASY PEASY!  I’m still trying to figure out Twitter (after a year)… but G+ I picked up in a day. :)

  83. We just had a post explode on Google+, but we had a hard time getting the ball rolling with it. Wish I had seen this post earlier. I still didn’t know I could retrieve my +1s. Thanks for that tip. Ellen

  84. Krystal Spreadborough says:

    Thanks for explaining what google+ is for!

  85. Grace Doirin says:

    This was a great read! Thanks for sharing all the benefits of Google+. I permanently deleted my FB account almost a year ago because it was no benefit to me personally or professionally and the changes were too much to keep up with. I’ve had a Google+ account for a while and was still getting the hang of it, but this helped me understand it so much better.

  86. No one I know uses Google+ much so I am still on FB more, but I have started a Google+ community for Book Bloggers and it is working out amazingly! It is so much better than FB groups. I still think circles are confusing but I am trying!

  87. @Becca, the beauty of Google+ is that you dont have to know anyone! It’s about meeting new people with the same interests! I mean, of the people that you ‘know’ on Facebook, do you really care what they are interested in?

  88. So true!  The communities (when ran right) are so valuable over at G+… but I think it’s really just a learning process for everyone. :)

  89. I’ve been trying to figure out Twitter for a year now and I still have no clue! :)

  90. Interesting- I had no idea.  Although, FB is cracking down on it too– some people who have been doing FB Likes with giveaways have had their accounts frozen and likes accumulated from the period of the giveaway were taken away.

  91. Brittany @ The Pistachio Project says:

    The FB like issue only applies to those who make it a mandatory giveaway entry or the ones which have multiple FB like buttons (“like farms”) and FB sees that as buying “likes”. The way to get around that is to have individual FB likes on a giveaway form. All sites seem to be annoying but G+ just doesn’t allow any giveaway entries.

  92. I am new to the whole Google+ thing and this was a great explanation. Had no idea +1 helped with SEO. Just +1 this and added you to my circle. Make sense? :-) Will be back on Friday!

  93. I am on Google+ but haven’t used it as much as I should – I’ll take a second look after checking email, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, my blog, your blog, her blog…
    Blog hopping from You Like Me! have a fantastical weekend!

  94. Candace Jedrowicz says:

    Thank you so much for the 411! I’m on Google +, but had no idea how it worked!

  95. Pam Klimper says:

    Im slowly changing over to G+.
    Thanks for the info.

  96. We’re trying it out and look forward to building a community there.

  97. I’m trying to find out how to get on board.

  98. Thanks for giving some details on Google+. I just want one place to go for everything instead of several.

  99. Just found this via Pinterest and have now added you to my circle. Google has taken over my world this year (personal, work and blog), and it is absolutely the way to go moving forward. Thanks for the tips, I needed a little clarification on a few features in G+.
    Sarah recently posted…Blog Planner Extras – Free DownloadMy Profile

  100. I started using Google+ last year as a fellow photographer told me the importance of it for your Google rankings and she was right. I link all of my blog posts to my google+ account and now some of the posts rank on page one. Good advice. :)


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