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The Crazy Happy Dance

I was getting dressed a little bit ago and my husband starts looking at me like a crazy person, he rolls his eyes, and walks out of the room… 
 Now granted I was doing my crazy happy dance…

Why was I doing my happy dance you ask?

I’m so HAPPY you ask!  Well, it all started a little less than a year ago…

I found out I was pregnant with my son in February and was in maternity clothes by the end of March.  It seemed like once the line turned blue I began growing my prego belly at astronomical rates! 
We had a wedding to go to in March (not ours, a friend’s in Miami of all places- not good for trying to hide some skin!) we were trying desperately to keep my belly and non-drinking (did ya know ginger ale can not only calm nausea but also pass as a gin and tonic when put in a rock glass!) hidden from all of our friends because we had yet to tell our own parents…but that is a story for another time…. Right now we’re on my crazy HAPPY dance.

Now, skip ahead to October 24th– exactly 12 weeks and 3 days ago- my beautiful son entered the world by a last minute c-section. 

 He was amazing, the most beautiful person I had ever seen- but I was in tremendous pain!  A few days after his birth I pulled a muscle in my belly and was afraid to do anything because everything hurt!  So, since his birth, I have not done a thing- no exercise, no diet, no straining, etc. In fact, I’ve been very vocal about women wanting to bounce back too quickly after having a baby!  I’ve always been a major advocate for healthy body image and how women are exploited for their looks… but, I ramble and am off subject again. 

So here we are today.  Careful not to be too hypocritical—this afternoon I was getting ready to go out.  Nothing big, we’re meeting some friends for Bingo- yes, I said Bingo!  Gone are the days of party all night, concerts, drinking till dawn…. now a fun night out is playing Bingo… at least it’s at a bar (the bar takes away the fact that it’s a game that instills images of 70 year old women with their 30 Bingo cards and giant stamper).   
So, wanting to look good for Bingo (I know…. really?!) I search my closet for something to wear—now I have been wearing maternity jeans for almost a full year now—at the bottom of my closet are a regular pair of jeans.  I think to myself “dare I try?”….

So, my husband is getting dressed in the bedroom and all of a sudden hears



 and then singing


so he comes to see what the commotion is all about and he sees me jumping up and down, dancing around the closet, singing about how hot my butt looks….wearing those jeans.

I couldn’t believe it!  My pre-pregnancy jeans fit!!!  Granted, they were a little big on me before my pregnancy but who cares!! 

Do you remember when you were able to wear your pre-prego clothes?  Share your stories with me!


Tuesday 10th of September 2013

That is AWESOME - Congratulations!!! Hope you are just as lucky at Bingo!!


Wednesday 18th of April 2012

After 3 months of nursing...I lost 30 lbs of prego weight and an extra 15. Thanks CD for being such a hungry lil' fellow! ;0)

Love your blog...pinched 3 of your recipes to add to my monthly menu rotation.

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