Winter Wonderland Soap Dispenser Tutorial

Winter Wonderland Soap Dispenser Tutorial

Winter Wonderland DIY Soap Dispenser

A quick toddler craft!

This is a fun little craft that the kids can help make and it brings so much cheer– think gift for Grandma!  

soap dispenser

The BEST part is this little cutie took about 5 minutes and cost less than $2!  Yep, we made one for the kitchen and each bathroom. Smile

Ready for this super simple tutorial?


holiday soap

Yep, that’s the secret…. a bottle of Softsoap (those have the prettiest pumps) and a sheet of Christmas stickers!  Now, the key is that you need the plastic clear backed stickers not the paper ones.

Then just peel off the soap label… you will need some Goo-Gone to get all the label stickiness off.  Make sure you wash the bottle after using the Goo-Gone or else your stickers won’t stick.

soap side

 Then let the kids go to town placing the stickers all over the bottle!  The nice thing about clear stickers is that it doesn’t matter if you place them on the front or back– the design shows through both sides of the soap bottle!  We even put a couple of stickers inside the soap to give a 3-dimensional effect…just don’t put too many because they do sink!

I bought several this year for Little Man to make for his grandparents, Aunts, and Uncles….it’s the perfect little gift that everyone will LOVE having on display in the kitchen or bathroom!

Sautee Green Beans

Sautee Green Beans

I love green beans!

I’ll eat them all sorts of ways: fried, boiled, steamed, southern style, (well except in green bean casserole—I can’t stand that stuff).  Anyway, I’ve been trying to get our family to eat healthier and cooking green beans in bacon grease, although it tastes good, isn’t very good for you!

So, instead of sauteeing green beans with a slice of bacon I decided to put a yummy spin on them that you’re sure to love!

Today I’m going to share with you….

The BEST Green Bean Recipe EVER!

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best green beans

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My family went nuts over these Skillet Green Beans!  They actually ate ALL of them and there were NO leftovers…. which never happens in our house when it comes to veggies!
And, I had them ready in about 10 minutes!  Wooohooooo!!!

1 Bag of Frozen French Cut Green Beans or you can use fresh (fresh take about 10 minutes longer)
2 TBS Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 TBS Lemon Pepper
1/2 TBS Mrs. Dash Seasoning

Heat oil in a cast iron skillet (learn to season it perfectly here), add green beans, sprinkle with spices.  Cook for about 10 minutes or until green beans get to desired softness.  Yep, that’s it….. EASY PEASY!!!!
I love to make these with my Oktoberfest Baked Chicken or my Rice Crispy Chicken and with the Ultimate Potato Casserole….. YUMMY and SIMPLE Dinner!

Disney Inspired Christmas Wreath

Oh Christmas Wreath….
Oh Christmas Wreath…..
Okay, if you haven’t figured it out yet…..
I LOVE Christmas!!!
I LOVE Disney!!!!

So, you know I went all googly eyed when I went to Disney while decorated with all their holiday décor!  Every shop was filled with Christmas decorations that I adored but my husband probably would have had a coronary if he had seen the price tags or the imaginary credit card receipt in my head racking up the goodies!
Instead of bringing home boxes full of overpriced décor I decided to make some of my own…. without the hefty price tag!

Today I’m going to share with you my Disney inspired wreath……

disney inspired wreath
Since I like making new wreaths every year I just reused my Thanksgiving wreath (you can check it out here) and took off all the Fall decorations.
October - December 2012 335
Then, having a fresh plain grapevine wreath I added some Deco Mesh…. have you tried this stuff?  It is AWESOME! I simply wrapped it around the wreath twisting it occasionally and pouffing it up.
October - December 2012 337October - December 2012 340October - December 2012 341
Next, I wanted to add some poinsettas…. they’re just so classic and really pull in some great layering!
Now, did you realize that silk flowers have these little notches that make it easier to separate them?  I just discovered this and it made my wreath making sooooooo much easier.
how to easily seperate silk flower stems
You just find the notch and twist the plant back and forth along the ridge to break it off.
I didn’t even need to secure the flowers—all I did was weave the stems through the grapevine.  Then added greenery around the flowers.
Next I added my sprigs of decorations.
Now for the Mickey inspiration…..
Mickey wreath
You know how Disney World has hidden Mickey’s everywhere?  Well, I decided to add just a small Mickey to the top of my wreath using this candy sprig I found at Hobby Lobby.
It worked perfectly having the one big piece with the two smaller ones… I just twisted them around to form the correct shape of Mickey’s head and there you have it….

My Disney Inspired Christmas Wreath!

I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and visit awhile!


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No Sew Toddler Christmas Tree

No Sew Toddler Christmas Tree

No Sew Toddler Christmas Tree

Felt Tree with Ornaments the PERFECT toddler craft!

On the first day of Christmas my Mommy Gave to me…..
My very own Christmas Tree!.
(yeah, not quite how the song goes…. but it works for me!)

So a few months ago I pinned this felt tree to make for the Little Man this year.  Well, I remembered the idea but lost the pin so I tried to make it by memory…. I’d say it turned out pretty good!

Toddler Tree
Yep, that’s right… it cost me less than $5 to make and the Little Man LOVES it!!!  The BEST part is I did it in 30 minutes while watching TV… yeah, I’m a multi-tasker! Winking smile
What You’ll Need:

1/2 Yard of Green Felt (make sure you get felt and not fleece- ask the ladies in the craft department—they’ll know… why yes, I am speaking from experience (I did think felt and fleece were pretty much the same thing).  I paid 7.99 a yard… so basically 4 bucks. Smile

Then pick out some felt pages for your ornaments… they were on sale 6 for $1… so I got 6!
How to make it:


Fold your green felt in half.  Then draw the outline of the tree…. the folded half should be the center of your tree- so you’re technically only drawing half a tree.
October - December 2012 344October - December 2012 345

I know it’s a little hard to see in these picks… but you get the gist….right!?
Next, hang your cut out tree on the wall…. I just used some good thumbtacks that the Little Man can’t figure out… you could use double sided tape or velcro I’m sure.
October - December 2012 347
Then, use the felt sheets to cut out ornaments.  TIP: Don’t get fancy like I did with some of these… the round circles work the best… the ornament ones won’t lay flat and the Little Man gets frustrated and won’t play with those.  The ribbon ones- although cute, if he puts it on backwards it won’t stick.  So, just stay with simple shapes.
The great thing is that felt sticks to felt so you don’t need anything to attach the ornaments to the tree!
Toddler Christmas tree

Yep, I think he likes it!
Gaylord Palms Resort ICE Review

Gaylord Palms Resort ICE Review

Gaylord Palms Resort ICE Review

Merry Madagascar Ice Exhibit Review- Fun for the WHOLE Family

Note: Non-compensated review post…. just sharing my family fun memory!

When we took our trip to Orlando for Thanksgiving I was on the hunt for something different to do that would be good holiday fun!  Well, I found it over at Gaylord Palms Resort!


Have you ever seen Gaylord Palms?  It’s that HUGE beautiful hotel right outside of the Disney World Resort Complex.  Well, the hotel itself is an amazing attraction all on it’s own!  They decorate it to the nines for the holidays!  You can see it all lit up from the expressway with twinkling lights everywhere!

gaylord palms

Inside the resort is decorated just as extravagantly!

In the atrium they have a 54 foot tall Christmas tree and they do nightly Lightings with free live stage entertainment.  Now, this free entertainment is not what you would expect for free!

October - December 2012 163

It’s FANTASTIC!  They had a wonderful holiday show called Luminescence that featured an awesome band (not your typical elevator style holiday music)- they rocked the place out!  The show also features laser lights and aerobatics (acrobatics done in the sky)…. the talent was unbelievable!  They also have other live shows every hour or so (but little man was getting tired so we missed those).

October - December 2012 166

The decorations extend throughout the hotel through the restaurants (you can even have breakfast with Shrek on the weekends).  Even without the decorations the hotel itself has a bunch to see….. they had a yacht, alligators, turtles, waterfalls, etc.

October - December 2012 176

Now, for the STAR of the resort!  ICE…..

October - December 2012 081

The ICE experience is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before!

Located in the conference center of the resort… they took several ballrooms and converted them into a HUGE freezer and dropped the temperature all the way down to 4 degrees.  Then they brought in 2 million pounds of ice and a team of artists to construct this amazing exhibit made completely of ICE!  The artists worked around colored lights and with paints to bring to life ice the scenes from Merry Madagascar…..

October - December 2012 083

The experience starts off in a warm environment that sets the stage with scenes from the movie.  Then you head to the preparation area where EVERYONE is given a parka (YOU WILL NEED IT!!!!).  They have parkas of ALL sizes so no one is left out in the cold (hahaha…. I’m so funny!).  Anyway, once you’re all bundled up you get to head on in to the actual ICE experience.

October - December 2012 088

I do wish that they had little corners where you could warm up throughout the exhibit because it is quite large and with a little one getting colder and colder we didn’t get to spend as much time as we would have liked in there.  I’m sure it would have been better if the little man were older and not affected by the cold as much….. but hey, if one of the executives of ICE happens to be reading my little review then I have a suggestion for next year…. Maybe half way through make a little “hot cocoa stop”, make a room that’s just a little bit warmer so we can take the chill off our noses and grab something warm to drink then we can continue the exhibit without cranky little monsters. Smile  Okay, now that I’ve given my expert suggestion, on with the review!

ICE Gaylord Palms

I LOVED the idea of ice slides for the kids—the kids we saw going down them were having an absolute blast!

October - December 2012 113

The whole experience was unbelievable and I totally recommend checking it out if you’re ever in Orlando while they have it going on!

ICE experience

Once you finish the ICE experience you’re not done! Nope, they have a whole bunch of other holiday excitement for little ones.  How about decorating cookies with Gingy (the gingerbread man from Shrek), or visiting Santa Claus, oh and what about those penguins!  There’s a whole area full of holiday activities and excitement that we didn’t get a chance to explore because the little man was done—oh the fun of having a one year old!

October - December 2012 067October - December 2012 066

The only criticism I have (and this really goes for all the event planners down there) is the pricing of the pictures.  They take your picture on the way into the ICE experience and they’ll do Santa pics and all…. but it’s WAY over priced (like many attraction pictures) and although I liked the picture I could not bring myself to pay $25 for a single pic!  Why charge so much?  The way I see it, you print them out already to try to sell them to people, well how many do you throw away every night?  I’m sure TONS!  So, instead of charging $25 and hoping that 2 out of 10 people buy one why not charge $10 in hopes that 7-8 out of 10 will buy one.  I would think your object should be sell more to make more…. you’ve printed them out anyway…. the more people that buy the more you’ll make even though they may be paying less….. but oh well…. you missed a sale with this girl.

October - December 2012 145

Other than the picture cost I have NOTHING bad to say about ICE! If you’re looking for a unique experience then I suggest Gaylord Palms ICE experience!

NOTE: I was in no way compensated or asked to do a review for ICE or Gaylord Palms Resort… I simply wanted to share my opinion.  .

If you are a company that would like a review of your family friendly facility or attraction done please contact me at SerendipityandSpice at