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Learning to Embrace the Craziness That Life Throws Our Way

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  • Are All Homeschoolers Religious

    Are All Homeschoolers Religious

    Before we started homeschooling, I had a common misconception about homeschoolers…I thought that all homeschoolers were super religious. It’s a common misconception in the United States because that’s what the …

  • The Myth of Homeschool Socialization

    The Myth of Homeschool Socialization

    The most common myth about homeschooling is that homeschool kids are weird and unsocialized! HA! First of all, every kid I’ve ever met is a little weird on some level…right?! …

  • Homeschool vs. Remote Learning

    Homeschool vs. Remote Learning

    Remote learning is not the same as homeschool because it’s too structured. If your child had trouble with distance learning then homeschool might be the answer you look for. Read on to learn the difference between homeschool and remote learning.

Homeschool Life…

I NEVER thought I would be a homeschool mom…but 2020 threw us a curve ball and now I’m all in! Here are my tips on getting started with homeschool.

Disney Tips and Tricks

Disney Tips & Tricks

We are completely in love with visiting The Happiest Place on Earth! Over the years I’ve learned a few tips, tricks, and hacks to make the most of your Disney vacation. Read on for your trip to Disney!

The Best Recipes for Picky Eaters

OMG Chicken

The BEST Slow Cooker Chicken Recipe

Everyone goes nuts for this creamy slow cooker chicken. It’s packed full of flavor and even my pickiest eaters come back for seconds.

Easy Pork Chops

The BEST Pork Chops Recipe Ever!

These pork chops are the perfect blend of cripy baked outside, tender and juicy inside, with flavor that keeps them coming back for more!

Ultimate Mac ↗

Ultimate Creamy Slow Cooker Mac

Perfectly creamy and super flavorful macaroni and cheese. This recipe is a set it and forget it with the slow cooker.

Hippity Hoppity Here Comes Easter

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