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You know me, I’m all about repurposing items that would normally be thrown away.  Well, I’m at it again!  What do you think of these super cute Beachy Vases?

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They turned out ADORABLE didn’t they?
You’ll never guess what I used to make these little cuties!

Remember when I told you about Mexican Coke here? 
And those bottles that I destroyed here?

Well, these are the bottles… you can get 8oz bottles and 12oz bottles.
I got the idea to cover them in twine here.

I just bought some Sisal Rope from Hobby Lobby for like $3.  Using the glue gun I secured the end and wrapped the rope.  Now I know you all have probably seen the jute and twine wrapped items all over Pinterest- but I didn’t want to use the HOT glue gun for the whole bottle– I like keeping the skin on my fingers. 🙂  

So instead of hot glueing all the way up I used good old fashioned Elmer’s white glue.
I just painted the glue on as I wrapped- once dry it will keep the sisal in place.  I did use the hot glue gun occasionally to secure the sisal (usually when the bottle curves big time).

Now, you’ll notice in the last pic that some of the bottle is still showing through- so I just kept wrapping the sisal back down the bottle to fill in these holes- I used the hot glue gun to secure the sisal inside the gaps- but the rope stays put so you’re not as likely to burn your fingers. 🙂

Finally, I added some beads from an old broken necklace and this cute little glass star charm that’s been sitting in my jewelry box FOREVER.

Everytime I look at these now I want to go to the beach!!

What fun summer crafts have you been working on?

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