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Do you need a cute, unique, fast, CHEAP Valentine’s gift idea for a special loved one?

Well, I made this “I love you because…” dry erase frame in less than 5 minutes and I only spent $1 because I already had everything else in my craft stash!

No craft stash to pillage from?  No problem- you can make this Dry Erase Frame for less than $2!

Dry Erase Frame


Okay, so I found this great little frame at the Dollar Tree for $1.  It’s actually much nicer than what I had expected to find at the Dollar Tree- seriously, you need to check back often because they do get some really good stuff in but it goes sooooo fast!  Lucky for me the stockboy had JUST placed these on the shelf (I should have bought several for future projects….oh, maybe after I finish this post and the Little Man wakes up from his nap I’ll head back over and pick up a few more before they’re gone!  I digress, anyways…)

I found some cute scrapbook paper (originally this was from Michaels 6 sheets for $1) so well say 25 cents for the paper (give you some wiggle room in pricing Winking smile).  Then, also originally from Michael’s clearance, I had some magnets that I paid .25 for a 2 pack…. you don’t need magnets if you’re placing this on the nightstand or counter- but I thought it would be nice to stick it to the door so I can leave messages for my husband to read on his way out in the mornings (start the day off right, ya know!).  Since we have a metal door the magnets work perfectly.

DIY I Love You Because Frame

Anyway, I cut my paper to fit inside the frame and used a permanent marker to write “I love you to infinity and beyond because…” on the paper.  You can see in the picture that I messed up a little bit- but you can just cut another piece of paper to cover it- you really can’t tell when just looking at it- or get another sheet of scrapbook paper. To infinity and beyond is our little saying- it was practically the theme of our wedding. Something that started out as a cute little joke has turned into our own little I Love You or Ditto (from Ghost…you know, Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore- oh how I love that movie.  Wow, I am really rambling today!)

Anyway, pop the paper in the frame and you’re done—unless you have a metal door too and want to add the magnets.  I simply hot glued (or you can super glue) those on and Voila….

january 009

I know you’re probably looking at this thinking…”really, she loves her husband because he loves snakes? EWWWWW”  Nope, another little inside joke around here.  I’m a cuddler- I LOVE hugs, cuddles, snuggles, etc.  But, I live with boys and although they secretly (shhhhhhh) do enjoy my cuddles they believe they’re too manly for cuddles.  So, my husband has renamed cuddles and snuggles to Boa Constrictors.  I’m not allowed to give my boys cuddles and snuggles but I can give them all the boa constrictors I want and that’s fine by me!!!

I hope you’ll grab a cup of coffee and visit awhile!


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