DIY Whatever I’m Late Anyways Clock

So yeah, I’m a cyber stalker.  I’m constantly stalking my friends and relatives watching and waiting to see what they share, what they pin, what they secretly desire so I can get them the best gifts ever!

I try to put a lot of thought and care into gift giving… one day I will give a gift so wonderful that the clouds will part, cheesy music will play, a light will shine from the heavens onto my gift, the angels will sing, and the recipient will shed a tear of utter gratefulness and surprise when they open this gift to surpass all gifts.  Okay, so maybe not.  My husband says I can be a bit dramatic but I don’t understand why!

Anyway. Remember about a year ago when Pinterest was just a speck on the web?  Well, my sister actually had an account and I was stalking her on a platform that she didn’t even realize I was on…. so, in this case I guess that could be seen as the bad type of stalking.  Oh well, she’s my sister, it’s cool.  Anyway.  She pinned this clock:

Whatever, I’m Late Anyways.

So, of course, I pinned this clock too. (unfortunately the pin link doesn’t take you to the original source—it was actually out of a catalog) I knew that something like this would be pretty easy to replicate for her.  And now, over a year later, I’m finally getting around to it for her birthday next week.

Instead of cork (like this one is made of- I finally found it at Nordstrom and there was NO WAY I was spending what they wanted on it!) I used a simple canvas from Hobby Lobby:

january 017

Yeah, a 2 pack for 5.99 is much more my speed!

So, I just painted the canvas a nice khaki color.  It took two coats to look really good.

brown canvas

Then I got this clock kit from that new favorite craft store I told you about a few weeks ago for like $6- Consumer Crafts ROCKS!  I simply cut a hole into the middle of the canvas (I just used a screwdriver- nothing fancy).

And put the clock into the center following the directions on the kit.

Make a clock using canvas

Then I was planning on using my Silhouette Cameo to cut some vinyl for the lettering and numbers but it was giving me technical difficulties and I was getting impatient—so I decided to free hand it.  Luckily I think it came out pretty good:

I'm late clock

And the finished product:

Whatever.... I'm Late Anyways.  EASY DIY clock. @serendipitynsp #craftbasics

Whatever I'm Late Anyways Clock @serendipitynsp #DIY #imlate

Pretty close huh?!

Anyway, I’m hoping that my sister will be happy with it!

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  1. Mel@Mellywood's Mansion says

    I have seen that pin too and thought it was perfect for my always late sister. Great knockoff, well done!

  2. Gretchen says

    Ha–that’s great! I’ve seen some awesome DIY clock projects lately; I think I probably need to make one, too!

  3. Sharon from Around the Table says

    Cute–you did a great job free hand. I know a few people I could give this to, but I think I won’t encourage their tardiness!

  4. Rebecca says

    This is brilliant! I am sure she will love it! Pinterest is very useful for seeing what your loved ones are into at the moment!

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