Easter Cloche from Danni at Silo Hill Farm

We have a special guest today…. 
Danni from Silo Hill Farm!  

I’m so excited to be trading blogs with her today, she has become one of my closest blogging friends!  She’s the queen of cute, simple, holiday projects– I love getting inspiration from her and I hope you will too!  Make sure you come visit me over on her blog where I’m sharing a personalized flower vase!

Hello to all of you Serendipity and Spice readers!  I’m Danni from Silo Hill Farm.

  I’m thrilled to be guest posting here for Melissa today.  She is so awesome!  She makes such fun things and her blogging tutorials have been such a great help to me.  Not to mention the fact that I get tons of inspiration from her Manic Monday Link party!  I hope you’ll stop by and visit my blog and maybe even become a follower.  I’ve always got some kind of craftiness going on and sometimes even some  cooking happens.  But today I’m going to show you how I made this little Easter Cloche:

I found one of those little glass votive holders at the thrift store and figured it would make a good cloche for my little bunny.   I needed some kind of base for it and decided on a clay pot saucer. 
 I painted it with some green paint. 

In order to make the bunny sit up a little higher in the cloche, I used this little wooden circle (found at Hobby Lobby) and painted it green so it wouldn’t show up through the grass so much.

Since it had a hole in the middle of it, I felt obligated to put something in it! I thought that something resembling a bush might look nice and give my piece some perspective.  I clipped off a few sprigs from a bunch of faux flower buds I had.

I put them in the hole in the center of the wooden circle and just kind of wedged them in with extra clips of the wire trimmings.
I wanted to add some grass or moss.  I had some sheet moss, but decided that it was going to be difficult to cover that wooden circle with the moss.  I found this “Bunny Grass” at Hobby Lobby:

It was not nearly as messy as moss and it was very easy to work with.  I pulled some off and put it around the base to cover the wooden circle.  I put the cloche over the top and tucked any pieces of grass back under and this little project was finished!

Isn’t he sweet?  I didn’t use any glue on this project, so after Easter, it can be disassembled, stored away and I have the cloche and base to use for another project. Thank you Melissa, for letting me share this with your readers and thank you for being such a kind, patient follower of Silo Hillo Farm and a good faraway friend!

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