Easy Peasy Curtain Tie Backs

So today I’m working in my husband’s home office new craft room, you know… straightening up, organizing, taking over redecorating, etc. 

 And it feels like a cold dark cave in here!  

Here’s the office… excuse the big desk blocking the view… we’re trying to fix it.

I start out by taking down these god awful tapestry curtains that came with the house and put up some light weight (almost sheer) satin curtains hoping to let some sunlight in.  Well, it still felt dark!  I decided I needed some tie backs.  I looked in my crafty stash and found some ribbon that matched the curtains…. 
WAIT…. I know what you’re thinking… 
“Melissa, everyone in the crafting world knows how to use ribbon to tie a cute little bow and pull back the curtains!”  
But I changed it up a little.  I didn’t want tie backs that I would have to untie and retie every time I wanted to close or open the curtains… I wanted something simple yet functional.
So I tied a knot at each end of the ribbon….
this way I can loop it over a nail and tada…. instant tie backs!
I know, you’re probably thinking “duh!” but hey… it’s good to get excited over the little things… right?!
At least this little guy is proud of how ingenious his mommy is…

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  1. Heather says

    Thank you for posting this! I was trying to think of a way to use a cute ribbon with some drawer pulls as tiebacks but I couldn’t figure out how to loop the ribbon! Duh! Sometimes we make things more difficult than they have to be! LOL

  2. says

    WoW! How exciting to start the new year off in your very own craft room. I love the way you just whipped up those tie backs.
    Your ‘little guy’ sure is a cutie.
    Thanks for stopping by and taking time to leave me a camment.

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