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Alright, I think we’ve come to the end of the baby shower posts.  Make sure you catch up on all the girly girl goodness!

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sugar and spice baby shower

Finally, I want to share with you a fun twist on the diaper cake!  Don’t get me wrong- I LOVE diaper cakes—they’re so cute and adorable….but, when you have 15 minutes till party time and not enough diapers you do what you can.

I actually love this more than a diaper cake because it takes the party out to the front door!  This adorable diaper wreath was made in about 10 minutes right before the party started (hey, when you’re a DIYer like me and live out of state there’s a LOT that gets left to the final minutes!)

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Diaper Wreath

A diaper wreath is the perfect substitute for a diaper cake when you’re limited on time and diapers.

What you need:

This wreath used about 30 Size 1 diapers.

One wire hanger

Ribbon (or in this case I used paper streamers since that’s what I had)


Curly Ribbon

Rubber bands

How to make it:

Sorry there’s no pics (like I said- this was a quick last minute rush—but I think you’ll be able to follow along easily)

Take the wire hanger and mold it into a circle.  Add the diapers around it by opening the diaper and wrapping it around the hanger then secure with a rubber band around the base.  The diapers will be flimsy and sliding all around but as you add more diapers the wreath will hold it’s shape better.

Once all the diapers are on take your ribbon or streamers and weave it through the diapers to cover the rubber bands—you’ll go around the wreath twice so that all rubber bands are covered.

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Next just tie your decorations on with the curly ribbon.  I found all of these cute little items at the dollar store.

Well, that’s it for the Baby Girl Shower.  I hope you enjoyed it!  If you missed anything make sure you check it out:

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Part 2: Sweet Baby Water Bottles

Part 3: Book in Lieu of Card

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Bye for now! Where I Shop- (1)
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Zaycon Foods- This is where I buy most of my meat products in bulk.  The quality is amazing and the prices just can't be beat!  I mean, $1.89 a pound for boneless all-natural chicken breasts!!  It is bulk but you can always split with a friend or make up a bunch of freezer meals like I do!
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