Laundry Room Update with Dollar Store Baskets

Okay, I LOVE the Dollar Tree! I go at least once a week!  I mean where else can you find sooooooo many project ideas for soooooooo cheap!  I will admit, there are things in the Dollar Tree that are not a good buy but there’s a ton of stuff that is!
On one of my recent trips I discovered they have a whole organizational promotion going on with baskets, buckets, containers, etc….. all in matching and coordinating colors…. YEAH!

So, I found some great finds for my get organized resolution!

Today I’m going to share with my pretty Dollar Tree baskets:

laundry room baskets
Okay, so the baskets were only $1 and they had several different sizes and styles.  I chose the largest they had for a majority of my laundry room…. and I really loved this green color to go with the yellow fabric covered shelves I shared with you last week.

Then, I found these little cardboard cutouts at Michaels after Christmas clearance- they were 5 for a quarter…. yeah, I got like 10 packs to use for future projects!
Cardboard Cutouts
I decided chalkboard tags would look pretty and help tone down the bright colors of the yellow and green.  So, I already had some chalkboard paint at home that I used to paint these cardboard tags.
Then I decided what I was going to organize into each basket and labeled each tag (in chalk, so I can change it later if I want).

Finally, I raided my ribbon stash and found some pretty yet neutral ribbon and just tied the tags onto the baskets.
Laundry Room Redo
I am so in LOVE with these baskets!  The key to making a space FEEL organized is to make everything consistent.  I tried organizing the laundry room before but it still felt messy because it wasn’t streamlined.  When you streamline everything (get all the same size, color, containers) it really pulls the space together.

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  1. nora thomas says

    Great tips. However, my laundry room is located in my garage. Any tips on keeping spiders and critters away?

  2. Doxie mama says

    This the best site ever! You have so many great ideas. I am going to try out that homemade laundry detergent and rain x for my shower door. Especially for the shower doors. I hate cleaning shower doors. So I will be sure to tell my friends about this one. Thanks for making my life a bit easier:)

    • says

      Aw thanks! I’m constantly looking for ways to make life easier…..there’s just not enough time in the day!!! Glad these posts are helping you out!

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