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How to make Pin-Worthy Photos

Using software to enhance and edit photos to thrive on Pinterest

Alright…. to all my bloggy friends (and my non-bloggy friends too- you can use this too) have I got the tool for you!
Do you want to produce fabulous pictures like this:
shabby chic-001



I know you’ve all probably heard of digital photo albums but have you heard of the MyMemories (use promo code STMMMS28287 for $10 off) digital photo album?
Well, let me just tell you- it’s not just for personal use anymore!  You can use it to make your blog photos POP!
I’ve been using PicMonkey to do all of my photo editing but since they started charging for most of the features that I use (special fonts, overlays, frames, embellishments, etc)- I knew I needed to find something new.  Enter MyMemories Suite.

Now, at first I didn’t even think about using MyMemories for blog photos BUT after I started playing around with it making my personal albums I realized that this is so much better than PicMonkey!
With PicMonkey you’re limited to a handful of font choices—in MyMemories there is no limit—whatever fonts you have on your computer you can use in MyMemories… so all those free fonts that are popping up everywhere can now be used! YEAH!
You can even change the album size part way through editing your photos if you decide you want a different arrangement or need more space when building a collage.

There are TONS of overlays, embellishments, backgrounds, and customization tools that come with the initial program—plus, there are hundreds of expansion packs that are free or very inexpensive!
Now I know you’re thinking- I don’t want to upload a whole album every time I want to add a photo to my blog….

Well, you don’t! Along the menu bar there is a tab called “Share Album” then there is a function called “Export Pages” this will turn your album pages into .jpeg files—which makes it super easy to upload each individual page as a photo to your blog!  I always change the size of my page to “small” to scale down how much memory I’m using (your pic is still more than large enough for your blog pages).



I LOVE how user friendly this software is!  I’ve used other programs for photo editing like Gimp and Photoshop- but this is the easiest by far!  Now, it won’t edit your photos as far as exposure, temp, sharpness, white balance, etc…. but it will allow you to embellish your photos easily.  So I’ll still use PicMonkey when I need that type of editing but when I need to spruce it up and make my photos Pin-Worthy then I’ll be using MyMemories because the possibilities are endless!

The MyMemories software is $39.97 (a lot cheaper than Photoshop!) BUT right now you can get an additional $10 off by using code STMMMS28287 making it just $29.97.  Plus, you get a FREE photo album when you purchase the software…yippee!  It’s definitely worth the small investment to get your photos Pin-Worthy… and it’s cheaper than an expensive camera!  Here’s a photo that I took with my phone and made it Pin-worthy by embellishing it:




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