My Experience: Using Misoprostol for Miscarriage

My Experience with using Misoprostol for Miscarriage

What to expect when having a miscarriage

So this is not your typical Serendipity and Spice post…there is nothing serendipitious about the information I am about to share but I am sharing with you today something that we don’t like to talk about….the loss of a pregnancy.

As some of you have undoubtably realized…I’ve been off the last few weeks.  I haven’t been my typical self, I haven’t been very active– I had scheduled posts and just let them autopost.  That is because I’ve been pregnant for the last 2 months and have had intense morning sickness that has lasted all day long since I was 3 weeks along.  Unfortunately, at our 8 week appointment we found out that our baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks 5 days and we no longer had a viable pregnancy.  While going through the loss this last week I realized there are not many stories out there so I feel the need to share mine so that it will hopefully help another woman going through this sad time.

I am warning you now the following post is graphic and not intended for my typical readers.  I have written this post for other women who are at a loss, their heart is breaking, and they have to make one of the hardest decisions of their life.  This post is going to walk through every step of my experience using Cytotec / Misoprostol for miscarriage in hopes that it will help other women searching the internet for stories regarding this issue.

experience using misoprostol for miscarriage

So welcome to those women who are an emotional wreck right now– I’m here for you, you are not alone, there’s NOTHING you could have done to change the predicament you are in, and you will be okay!  I found that reading other peoples stories really helped me feel better and not as alone….I mean I do have Hubs and he’s great but he just doesn’t get it–it’s not his fault it’s just that he can never be able to experience a miscarriage the same way women do and that’s ok…I wouldn’t wish this experience on anyone and I’m truly sorry you are here– but I hope you find some comfort in reading about my experience!

Let me start off by telling you a little bit about me and about my journey through this process:

I’m Melissa- this is not my first miscarriage and this is not my first time using Cytotec (Misoprostol) for miscarriage.  About 4 years ago I became pregnant for the first time and my husband and I were elated and told everyone…well at 7 weeks we lost the baby and I had to take Misoprostol/Cytotec (they’re considered one in the same) to help the miscarriage along.

I can tell you from experience that the memory of this will fade, you won’t remember the pain, and this day will turn into a blurry haze in your memory.  I will however warn you that one part of this process will be burned into your memory forever and that’s ok– the feeling of passing the sac is a feeling I will never forget and that’s ok…it wasn’t physically painful but it is emotional and that’s what makes us human.  A little over a year later I became pregnant again, this time we waited until after the first trimester to tell everyone and now we have a healthy little boy…he is the light of my life…if you start reading my blog you will learn to know him as Little Man.  So life will get better– and this will become a distant memory.

Right now I have been pregnant for 9 weeks and 1 day but the baby stopped growing at 6 weeks 5 days.  It started off as a normal pregnancy– sore breasts, constant nausea, food aversions, intense sense of smell, you name the symptom I had it.  Then all of a sudden last Tuesday all of the symptoms started to subside.  I didn’t think too much about it because I have several pregnant friends who aren’t experiencing any symptoms.  Hubs and I had sex Thursday night and Friday morning I was spotting bright red.  Again I brushed it off as an effect from having sex but I called the doctor anyway because of the blood being bright red.  The doctor had me come in immediately for an ultrasound and that’s when we learned there was no heartbeat and the baby had stopped growing over a week ago.  My blood tests showed that my hCG levels were at the right level but my progesterone was extremely low…since this is what happened with my last miscarriage we at least know now what to watch for in the future.  At that point I was given a choice of waiting to see if I miscarried naturally over the weekend, taking Cytotec/Misoprostol, or having a D&C done….since I’m terrified of surgery I opted to wait out the weekend and if that didn’t work then go for the Cytotec/Misoprostol.  Well, my body didn’t pass anything over the weekend and we went back to the doctor yesterday.  Since everything looked just like the week before my doctor gave me a prescription for Misoprostol.

So now that you know a little about me and a little about my history I’m going to share with you the timeline of today.  I hope this eases your mind with what to expect.  Like I said, I found reading other people’s stories very helpful and I’ll be sharing links to those at the end of this post.

Saturday- 11:00 am- I’m shaking I’m so anxious! I have a friend who just went through this last week so we’re texting about her experience and talking about the future when we’ll be complaining about swollen feet with our big ole pregnant bellies.  Thinking, dreaming, and talking about the future is helping me keep my spirits up and not dwell on the present. I grab my pills and go to the kitchen to get a glass of water– determined to get on with the healing process!  I’m referring to this process from now on as the healing process because that is what it is and it makes me feel better to know that I’m in the middle of a healing process instead of the middle of a miscarriage…you must find ways to keep yourself positive and know that everything happens for a reason.  My baby passed away over 2 weeks ago and I have come to terms with that– now it’s time to help my body heal so we can try again in a few months.  I take 2 pills of Misoprostol 200 MCG orally and one percocet for pain — I figure the percocet will help calm my nerves.

I’ve read about women taking the Misoprostol vaginally but my doctor prescribed it orally– so you can always talk with your doctor about the best option for you.  I heard that taking it vaginally helps keep upset stomach and nausea away but I’m not sure…I took it orally last time and my friend took it orally last week so I guess it depends on which way your doctor thinks is better.

12:00pm- I feel some mild cramping so I go to the bathroom to see if anything has started.  I’m lightly spotting and not so jittery so the percocet has kicked in– I know percocet is not meant for anxiety but it’s helping– in hindsight I probably should have asked the doctor to prescribe me some anxiety medication but we’re here now and it’s a Saturday so the percocet is working.

1:00pm- The cramps are getting stronger, I’m feeling a bit lightheaded (I’m guessing it’s from the percocet), and I’m still just lightly bleeding.

3:00pm- Hubs went and picked up Chick-fil-A for lunch…I was starving but only able to eat half.  My cramps are increasing in intensity but so far there’s not much else to report…light spotting and that’s it.  I am going to get the heating pad to help with the cramps though…I have another hour until my next dose of Misoprostol and Percocet…I can tell the Percocet is wearing off!

4:00pm- Taking the second dose.  My cramps have increased and are slightly greater than my regular full flow period cramps…but no flow yet still just spotting…in fact I’m spotting less than I was earlier.  Last time I only had to take one dose and everything was over in a few hours…this is dragging out all day….argh my stubborn body!  I have a deep feeling that this second dose is going to get things going quickly….I’m getting nervous about the pain that’s on the way.

6:00pm- The cramping has started to become more intense but nothing that I can’t handle with some deep breathing.  I just passed a few clots and period like bleeding has begun…I’m hoping this is the beginning…I’m so tired.

10:00pm- Taking the 3rd dose…not even bothering taking a percocet because there’s no pain…I really thought everything would be over by now!  My friend had everything over in 12 hours…I was hoping for the same…but each body is different so every experience will be different.  I’m going to try sleeping…I’m exhausted and the cramps aren’t as bad as they were earlier.

4:00am- Well, I’ve been sleeping– other than passing a clot every few hours and light period like bleeding not much else is happening.  I’m taking my 4th and final dose and going back to bed.

Sunday- 10:00am- At least now I feel well rested and STARVING!!  But nothing has happened.  

Monday 8am- Still nothing except light bleeding and mild cramps.  I’m calling the doctor to see if anything else can be prescribed to help move things along….I really don’t want to have a D&C and don’t want to be anxiously waiting over the next few days for something to happen.

Monday 3:45pm- My mom came into town so since nothing has happened we’ve been out running errands all day.  We took Little Man to a playdate and walked around the mall and Target to see if maybe walking around will get things in motion.  The doctor called back and wants to see me for an ultrasound at 2:30 tomorrow….if nothing has passed (which I know it hasn’t) then we’re going to have to do a D&C.

Tuesday 2:30pm- Still the same….light bleeding, mild cramps, freaking out that I’m going to have to have a D&C.  The doctor takes me back for an ultrasound and there’s nothing there.  He says that there’s only a small bit of tissue showing up on the monitor and I must have passed everything without realizing it.  I’m elated, ecstatic, and completely baffled….I mean I’ve been through this before and know what to watch for….but I’m happy it’s done and I’m on the road to healing!

Tuesday 5:15pm- Hubs and I are in the process of building a house so we go out to see the progress.  There’s no plumbing in yet– just the frame of the house and no bathrooms anywhere near by and I feel it.  This weird sensation like a bubble pushing out of my vagina and I instantly know what it is.  Hubs and I drive home and I run up to the bathroom to confirm my suspicions…. I passed the sac.  It was different than before because everything was completely intact….I guess the probing from the ultrasound was the little push my body needed to finish the process.  I have no idea why the sac didn’t show up on the ultrasound but I’m taking it as my own little miracle from God.

Wednesday 8am: I feel great.  I’m still bleeding moderately and passing a few clots…but the cramping is gone and I feel like my body is fully healed.

I try not to look at this miscarriage as the death of my baby but I look at it as bad timing.  I 100% whole heartedly believe that my first miscarriage was Little Man and it just wasn’t time for him to join us– maybe he was sick or something  else was wrong.  But now he’s here with us….just a little later than initially expected.  I believe with all my heart that this baby is my daughter but she just isn’t ready to join us yet and she will be born in the future!

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Please leave a comment even if it’s anonymous so I can send my thoughts and prayers your way!  Remember, you are not alone and there is nothing you could have done differently.  You are a strong beautiful woman and life will be better soon. 


  1. You have such a great attitude! I’m sorry you are having to go through this. I hope you continue to heal well!
    Jillian @ Hi! It’s Jilly recently posted…Scripture Treasure Hunt – includes all the printables you need!My Profile

    • Thanks so much! I try to find the best in every situation…hopefully my story will help others and I know that one day we will have another beautiful baby. :)

  2. I turned to blogging to help me cope with my miscarriage in October. You are right, nobody talks about it. I had a hard time coming to terms with the baby’s death and did not miscarry naturally. I never spotted. I just felt off so I went to my ob’s office and learned that the baby stopped growing a few days before. Since my husband is away, I opted for the D & C so my children wouldn’t have to witness my pain. We had told everyone. We had two relatively easy prior pregnancies and didn’t imagine that this would happen. I still have to tell well wishers that I miscarried almost daily. Thank you for sharing your story to help others feel less alone. Hugs.
    Herchel S recently posted…Busting Boredom and Saving Christmas!My Profile

    • Thanks so much for sharing your story! I’m so sorry that you had to go through it while your husband was away…I don’t know what I would have done without my husband around to take care of our son. That just shows what a strong woman you are! I’m loving your blog stories!!

  3. I’m so sorry for your loss, Melissa! Praying for you!

  4. Melissa, I have not been by in so long and I am so sorry to hear that you have gone through this again. I lost a child between my 2 but I never had to go through this. Please know your family’s in my prayers!

  5. Wow – I believe the same way you do! I believe there is a plan and time for all of us. This just wasn’t your daughter’s (or son’s) time to be with you yet, for some reason we won’t or can’t understand. When I look back over my miscarriage at three months, I realize in hindsight that it just wasn’t time for Michael – he came six years later and is the joy of my life! Hang in there! He (or she) is just waiting for your arms!

    • Thanks for your sweet words. Everything does happen for a reason and I believe that maybe having the heartache now is meant to keep me from going through something even more painful 5-6 years from now…we just never know.

  6. Dear Melissa,
    First of all my heart goes out to you! My Daughter has recently had her third miscarriage.She’s 32 years old and the last time she wept in my arms she was Nine. It’s very sad,But we remain hopeful because God does answer our prayers.

    All the best,

    • I am so sorry for you and your daughter! It’s a tough time but everything will work out– we’re much stronger than we realize and one day it will all be a distant memory.

  7. Thank you for posting this! I had my cytotec doses this morning and things have slowly started moving. Your timeline has given me a clear idea of what to expect. I have made peace with the situation, and also realize this is a “healing” process. Prayers for you and your family!

  8. I stumbled upon your post because I am in that same waiting period of hoping my body will take care of things itself. It does;t look like it will and I need to take the same meds starting tomorrow. I am nervous and am thankful for your post and timeline.
    I have been going through Ivf and was excited to have a viable pregnancy, but was told that it was 2 weeks behind. I have to say that they do prepare you well. One week there was a heartbeat at 8 weeks and then just like you my symptoms stopped. I have never spotted though. At 9 weeks, there was no heartbeat and now I am here.
    It helps so much to know that I am not alone and that I will heal. Thank you for the hope.

    • I am so sorry for your loss! Just know that my thoughts are with you and your body will heal from this and be ready to start again. The friend that I mentioned in the post that was going through the same experience is actually pregnant again and things are looking good– next week was her original due date….so just know that life will get better and you’re not alone!

      • Thank you so much! At this point, I can’t imagine being able to take the risk again, but I am sure that once I heal a little I may feel differently.

  9. Mommy of 4 says:

    I am going through the same thing and It seems like no one understands how the whole ordeal affects you mentally and physically
    but each day it gets better.

  10. Thank you for posting this! I have a sister that just had her miscarriage last week and she warned me of the bleeding and how it was overwhelming etc., etc. I had been waiting for mine to start for nearly 3 weeks, finally I decided to take misoprostol and I have been cramping, but there has been very light bleeding and only a couple clots. I take my last dose in a couple of hours and was worried that it wasn’t working, but your experience has given me hope that my healing process is almost over.

    • Oh my heart goes out to you during this sad time! I’m so sorry for your loss and your sister’s loss. It truly does help having someone else that understands what you’re going through but it’s so sad that both of you are going through the loss. I can tell you that the pain does go away and soon it will be a distant memory and things will turn out for the best. Again, I am so sorry!!

  11. I’m going through this same thing. I was at 9 weeks and 7 days. My doctor had me come in for an ultrasound and said the baby had stopped growing at 6 weeks and 1 day. This is the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. I’m scheduled for a d&c Tuesday at 10 am. However I Am Pretty Sure I Am Pretty Sure The Fetus Is Coming Out naturally. This morning I woke up and a clot of dark red blood came out. I’m not 100% sure but I think it was the miscarriage. What should I do?

    • I’m so sorry you’re going through this…it’s a very difficult time but you will heal and try again. Just relax and know that everything will work out. If your doctor has to do a d&c it will be okay…my best friend got pregnant with her son just 2 months after having a d&c…and he’s a healthy 10 year old now. I am terribly sorry for your loss!

      • Thank you, i appreciate that. I went to see the doctor on monday morning because i was having some pretty painful cramps along with the bleeding, the doctor told me that apparently i had started the process of cleaning everything out without the D&C. So he gave me the 4 pills. i havent been able to get those unfortunately because of my lack of insurance but hopefully that will be settled tomorrow. so wish me luck, hopefully everything will be cleared out by my next visit without the pills.

  12. I recently went through my first miscarriage. When I got pregnant, I knew there was a possibility of that. But when it happened I was not prepared for the physical and emotional pain. I went in for my appointment at 9 weeks and 5 days. I was so excited to hear my baby’s heartbeat for the first time. The Doppler machine wasn’t picking up a heartbeat. I had an ultrasound right after, and sure enough, there was no heartbeat. I felt like I’d been punched. I all of a sudden felt like I couldn’t breathe. I was not expecting that news. I had no signs that something was wrong. I hadn’t had any spotting or bleeding. I had mild cramping, but nothing bad enough to worry. It was a huge shock and major disappointment. I chose to take misoprostol to pass the pregnancy. It was the hardest thing I’ve had to do. The clots that came out felt so large. I kept wondering if I’d see the baby and recognize it when it came out. The doctor didn’t really give me a heads up what to expect. When I passed the sac, I was a little surprised. He told me I wouldn’t recognize anything. It would just be large blood clots. The sac was very distinguishable. I really didn’t know what it was. I figured it was the placenta. It was over 2 inches long and had a thick skin-like coating. After I passed it, my cramping subsided a lot. The bleeding slowed down, and for about 24 hours I had no bleeding. Slowly the bleeding picked up again. It has been a week, and rather than getting lighter, my bleeding is heavier, over the last 2 days I’ve passed more tissue, which I found a little strange and worrisome. I’m worried all the tissue didn’t come out. I feel confused, empty, and alone.

    • I am so terribly sorry for your loss! I know your emotions are all over the place right now….but it does get better…I promise! With my first miscarriage the bleeding did last for about a month and I kept passing clots but make sure you’re getting regular check ups from your doctor as well. They should perform another internal ultrasound within a month to make sure that all of the tissue has passed….unfortunately this can take a couple of weeks. You may also notice a dull pain in your uterus for awhile…I remember feeling like there was an empty hole where the baby was supposed to be…it was my uterus contracting back to it’s normal size. Just know that you are not alone and this will all pass. I’ve heard so many stories about women having a miscarriage and then getting pregnant again a few months later and having a completely healthy pregnancy…it’s actually happened to a majority of my friends and even with myself. Don’t be afraid to open up to people because so many will share similar stories and know what you’re going through. It wasn’t until I wrote this post that so many of my friends came to me with similar stories….I was shocked at how many of us suffered in silence when we could have leaned on each other for support…but we just didn’t know. Again, I am so sorry!

  13. I am sitting hear a couple of hours after learning my baby stopped growing after 8 weeks. I have my pills and pain meds and I’m ready for tomorrow. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It is so comforting to know I’m not alone.

    • I’m so sorry for your loss! Just relax and try not to think about it too much tomorrow….just remember- there’s nothing you could have done differently and this pain is to save you from a great deal more pain in the future. I had to keep reminding myself that the miscarriages happen because of a genetic disorder in the baby and that it’s better to have it happen now rather than watching my child suffer in a hospital 2-3 years from now. Curl up in the bed with your favorite movies and know that you’re not alone! Again, I’m so sorry!

    • Bri, I am so very sorry that you are going through this. I just realized that you sent this a week ago- I hope you are doing ok. . I wasn’t ready for how exhausted I was when it was over so please take time for yourself and allow your body and heart to heal.
      Melissa is so right- this is a genetic problem not an issue with you or anything you could have controlled. Although that is difficult to really understand and accept, it is true.
      I wish you the very best and wish I could sent a hug through this post.
      you are in my thoughts.

  14. Thank you for sharing this. It has helped me.

  15. Thank you for sharing your story, I just miscarried a few days ago. I was almost 12 weeks when I started spotting, had an ultrasound that confirmed that baby stopped growing at 9 weeks, I was devastated because up to that point my pregnancy was going great. I was scheduled for a d&c last Friday but on Wednesday I developed horrible cramping and back pain and was rushed to er, when I was discharged from the hospital my doctor sent me home with pain meds and the citotec, I had bad cramping all night and passed a lot of clots. When I went for my ultrasound today it showed I passed everything but small tissue remained, so he told me to take a one time dose of citotec 600 mg tonight and that should help. I hope this horrible experience of losing a baby never happens again and I pray that god will help me conceive again and have a good pregnancy.

    • I am so terribly sorry for your loss! It will get better…I promise. Just remember that there’s nothing you could have done to prevent this and one day you will have a happy healthy baby. We were able to conceive again about 6 months later and we’ll be welcoming our little bundle in less than 2 months. So it will happen….just don’t give up! Hugs!!!

  16. I want to first thank you for sharing your story. It really has helped me cope. My story: This was my first pregnancy. My husband and I got pregnant the first month we started trying. I started miscarrying on October 28. I was 10+2. I had an ultrasound at 8+4 and everything looked good and baby had a nice strong heartbeat. So to wake up bleeding heavily a couple of weeks after that moment was so disheartening. I went to the doctor that morning and since the sac had passed and I was still bleeding she opted to give me a week to see if I would complete the process on my own. Two more times in that week I bled heavily and passed a lot of clots for a couple of hours each time. I had my follow-up ultrasound on 11/6 and the doctor still saw some clots and blood in my uterus so she recommended me using the cytotec to try to pass the remaining. I had to work Friday and Saturday, so I inserted the cytotec Sunday morning around 8:30. I didn’t start hurting until around 2:30 in the afternoon and heavy bleeding followed with more clots. The pain lasted until about 6:00 the next morning. The bleeding (mostly like a period with clots intermittently throughout the day) continues. I’m still having such a hard time because I just want the the bleeding to be over, the whole experience to have an end. I don’t go back to the doctor until 11/18-which will be 3 weeks exactly when this whole nightmare started. If there is still tissue remaining I will still have to have a D&C. And, call it instinct but I feel that the D&C is still in my future. I’m just ready for this journey to have an endpoint…the drawn out agony is drowning me…

  17. Thank you so very much for this. I found out today, my 11 week appointment, that our baby stopped growing at 6 weeks, 2 days. I’ve been through miscarriage before, but my hubs hasn’t. I fortunately, have 2 beautiful, healthy children from a previous relationship. But this was the hubs first. Before, everything happened naturally, but not this time. I am terrified about having a d&c, so I opted for the misoprostol. My dr prescribed me the vaginal dosage, and I’m terrified. Specially since he also prescribed me narco, a powerful pain killer with it. I’m going to start it in the morning, so after reading your story I am not as scared. I know that every pregnancy has a 25% chance of ending in miscarriage, but it still isn’t expected. We are heartbroken, but we will try again in a few months. Thank you again for sharing your story!

    • I am so terribly sorry for your loss! I’m glad that you found comfort in my story. Just know that everything will be okay and you’re on the road to healing….it’s a process but one day this will just be a distant memory. HUGS!!

  18. I’m 31 and this was my first pregnancy. I was very scared to take this drug vaginally but doc recommended it as a less invasive and more “natural” approach to miscarriage over the d and c, but I didn’t want to wait to pass it naturally, baby had already stopped growing at 8.5 weeks and it was my 12 week appointment. Took this drug (4 pills) vaginally at 12pm, by 3 pm I was bleeding, by 6 pm I was soaking a pad almost every 20 minutes. Doctor said the more blood and cramping the better so i tried not to worry. I drank LOTS of water throughout and ate a lot of food throughout because i worried about the blood loss. I passed very large clots. My first rush before all the blood started to really poor was like a waterfall of clear liquid, after that it was lots of blood and period large clots until 3 AM. At that point bleeding turned to a light period. The next day i went back to doctor and we did an ultrasound, all was clear per the doctor, success! However the next two days I kept bleeding lightly. The third day the bleeding got heavier again and i passed a more yellowish tissue like mass, I though this looked more like what I thought the sac was than the other stuff I passed the first night, but doctor said my uterus was clear. I am wondering if things get stuck in the middle and that’s why they don’t show up on the ultrasound??? I wonder if I’ll pass any other things including clots over the next few days. I have heard bleeding can last around a week after and sometimes until the menstrual cycle. Overall, pain was very manageable for me, very much like a period, maybe easier with only 600 mg Ibuprofen. The worst part is the blood and not knowing if you passed the right things. A clear ultrasound is probably the best sign you can have, but its seems you can still pass things after. I am glad I chose this less invasive route. You may not sleep the first night due to all the blood, there were a lot of bathroom trips. Also, I could not lay down to sleep, I slept upright, so blood did not run down up my back. set yourself up on a couch or something and put towels and garbage bags under you. I went through three pairs of pj’s and underwear that got soaking wet and I bled on several towels. Get a heating bad and eat and drink plenty, but get comfy and rent movies. Once the blood really was bad I had to stay in the bathroom for a while because otherwise I just kept having to come back and change pads. Also, the first symptoms I had after 20 minutes with the drugs were diarrhea and shivering.

    Good luck!

  19. I want to say thank you for posting this. I’m not a regular reader of your blog but came across it today because I’m currently going through a miscarriage. Reading your experience has really helped me because this was my first pregnancy and none of my friends have gone through it. Thank you again for sharing your experience

  20. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’m in the same situation. I have my own little man, nolan who is two. I was 9 weeks 2 days and found out yesterday that the baby passed away two weeks ago. Still so sick (my body thinks we are still pregnant) and I need to take the medication. I was so scared. I’m glad I know what to expect now. I’m ready to begin my healing. Thank you so much for sharing.

  21. I’m just about to start on Misoprostol for the exact same miscarriage.. my first pregnancy. I was afraid of what to expect but after reading your experience I feel like I am ready. Thank you so much for sharing! You’ve helped me more than anyone can.

  22. Just three days ago I went to my first ultrasound at what was supposed to be 11 weeks. Turns out, my baby stopped growing at 9 weeks. This is my second miscarriage. I took the misoprostol yesterday and today to help move things along, but there has been very little blood. I’m really worried that this pill won’t work for me. I’d rather pass this naturally, but I see a d & c in the near future. I’d rather get everything cleaned out fast so I can start healing and hopefully conceive again in the next few months. Fortunately, I have a sweet, active little boy who keeps me busy while my husband and I cope with this loss. I really feel better reading all of these stories. It gives me comfort in knowing I am definitely not alone.

  23. I am 74, had four miscarriages and carried a live daughter and bits of another child for 9 1/2 months. Back in the 60s we didn’t have any support at all and never talked about these things. I died a little with each baby and so happy that I actually had two beautiful children that were fine. This is the first time I have felt like sharing this with anyone and my heart cries for your loss. How I wish we had things like this when I was young and could explain how I was feeling. I hope when I get to Heaven I’ll see those babies but I don’t know how the Lord works those things. I have/had gone to the beaches and screamed till I was tired or afraid someone would come around but I’ve never really had any peace with losing those babies. All for the good? I don’t know. I just know today when I let my mind go there it still hurts. My husband got up and went to work, my neighbors went their way, in-laws never said anything, etc. Today I can’t even talk to my children about it so I am so very glad that you are able to let people know how it hurts. We didn’t have medication that you had to take and I’m glad that my miscarriages were spontaneous. That would have been horrible to just wait!!! Again I am so sorry.

    • Thanks so much for your sweet comment. Times sure have changed….it is tough to go through for any woman. Although, I’m happy to report that although this post was from over a year ago I was able to heal and just gave birth to my little girl last month…holding her in my arms has helped ease the pain from the previous miscarriage.

  24. Thank you so much for sharing your story. You have no idea how helpful it was for me. I just happen to come across it in a google search. I’m getting ready to take the misoprostol tonight. It’s been sitting on my counter for two days and I just need to face reality. This is my second miscarriage in less than two years and we’re completely devastated, but remaining hopeful. We have a beautiful little 5-yo girl at home, lost twins last year and now a singleton this week. It’s heartbreaking but we’re preparing ourselves to step back into the fertility treatment world. I actually feel really good about that since that’s how we were blessed with our daughter. I had a D&C with the twins because we waited over two weeks and nothing happened. I figured I’d try the misoprostol this time because our daughter is having her tonsils removed next week and I can’t imagine us both having surgery in the same week. I need to do my best to be a 100% mommy for her next week and I think that’s what is really helping me have the courage to do this. Again, thank you for sharing your story and I am so happy to hear that you had your little girl. What wonderful news. Congratulations on being an awesome mom and amazing woman!

    • I’m so sorry for your loss! It’s good that you can be there for your little girl…I totally understand not wanting to both be having surgery. The best advice I can give is to cuddle her LOTS! That’s what I did with my son after the last loss and it helped so much. HUGS!!

  25. Hello. I am currently working through my second miscarriage. My first was in August of last year. I already have one daughter. She was my first pregnancy and things couldn’t have gone more perfectly. No morning sickness, no symptoms except heartburn, no problems at all. Worked full time and hard right up to the end. Even my labor was “ridiculous” as my mother said. Water broke at my 38 week appointment. Got wheeled to a room. Hung out until my labor partners got there. Contractions started, got in the tub and she was in my arms in an hour. My daughters dad actually left me the day I told him I was pregnant (after three years and many talks about having babies) because I wouldn’t have an abortion. I actually met a great man while I was pregnant with my daughter by chance. We never worried about birth control because at first I was pregnant and he had had a vasectomy after his three children were born. Anyway, fast forward to August. My daughter is nine months old. Great man. Great relationship. I hadn’t felt well the past couple days. But, it was over ninety degrees and I figured I was just fatigued from activities and work etc. We were in bed, I felt a twinge of heartburn and shot out of bed. I couldn’t believe what I was thinking. No tests on hand, went back to bed. The next day I picked up a test just to ease my mind. He was snipped. POSITIVE. bought more tests. All positive. He immediately called his doctor. He had never gone in for the check up after however long. A swimmer got through. Not really excited, but there was no question that we were about to have a child together. Went to the doctor saw the heartbeat. At that moment, we grabbed each other’s hands and became excited. I went in to my primary care doctor for something else and told her the news about two weeks later. And she grabbed her Doppler. She couldn’t find anything. But, I know that’s not uncommon so early on especially without the higher tech ones. A little uneasy though I called my midwife and she said I could stop in whenever and have the nurse check. Stopped in. Nothing. I broke down crying. So she sent me to ultrasound right away. No heartbeat. I was paralyzed. I had just gotten so happy and excited. We both were devastated. That process was awful. I didn’t get any medication. It just happened. Huge clots. I was actually sitting on the floor in the shower when I passed the sac and I will never forget it. He came in by me and I remember telling him I wanted to pick it up because my baby was in there and though he was gone, he still shouldn’t go without feeling his mother hold him. I didn’t end up doing that but daddy ended up sitting in the shower and just letting me cry until the last drop of warm water was gone. We actually buried the sac in my grandmas garden with a plant and a little rock. So since one miracle swimmer made it through. We decided to continue to not be careful and if it happened again great. And if not. No big deal. His doctor thought it was a fluke. Well, here we are. Pretty much all the same build up except we were excited right away. Appointment. Heartbeat. Then last Friday my heartburn wasn’t there. I didn’t even notice. But we were leaving to go to the store and he threw me a pack of tums (which I carry everywhere while pregnant) and my eyes went wide and I just knew. He told me I was crazy. To relax. I was so worked up that felt like I was going to throw up. I insisted we just go hear the heartbeat at my midwife’s office. I cried on the way there. So when I walked in with no appointment and looking very upset. My midwife told me that she would just squeeze me into the ultrasound schedule. Then there he was. No heartbeat. He had stopped growing six days prior. I was 11+2 that day. I actually was perusing online to find information on how to know if you’ve completed a miscarriage. Because, I took the meds Saturday at 7am and I had a couple gumball sized clots but here I am. Laying in bed. Tuesday and I just have no idea if I should be worried. I was further along this time so figured there would be more to pass, and as crazy as it is, I’ve been praying that is at least be able to bury this baby with our other angel. I felt nothing come out. I can’t believe I would have missed it or not felt it come out while I was peeing or something. I’m driving myself crazy. I’m so glad I stumbled upon this. I was all teary eyed and shared it with my manfriend. His first wife had a miscarriage, a very late one after their first son was born so he is so incredibly understanding and keeps telling me I’m not crazy. Bless his heart. All of you women are incredible. Thank you. You’ve all helped me more than you’ll ever know. Sorry for rambling on. But even just the act of typing this out has made me feel so much more at ease. Thank you thank you thank you. God bless you all.

    • I am so terribly sorry for your losses! It does help to write it out and share your story…I found it really helped me with the healing process. Hugs to you and your family…I know it’s such a tough thing to go through!

  26. Paula Layton says:

    Thanks for sharing….i’m beginning this process this afternoon and overwhelmed, scared and angry. But it sounds like the process shouldn’t be too horrendous, and if i take the narcotic and maybe something for anxiety it will be more bearable. Thank you for sharing your experience….it has helped me. Thanks. I’m already blessed with twin 4 year old girls, and this pregnancy was a shock and unexpected. I”m trying to focus on my gratitude for the blessings I already have that are right in front of me, and trying to understand that somewhere there is meaning in all of this. Thanks again.

    • I’m so terribly sorry for your loss! And I’m glad you found my story comforting….just cuddle those little girls as much as they’ll let you the next few weeks….it’ll help you feel so much better. I was constantly cuddling my son to the point that he’d start saying “mom stop, no more cuddles, I want to play”. :) It does get better. Again, I’m terribly sorry! ((HUGS))

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