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Okay, so I’ve been married for over 2 years now and I’m just now getting around to putting together some wedding keepsakes!  

Hey, it’s been very busy these last couple of years!!  Anyway, I’ve been hanging on to a box full of napkins, invitations, favors, etc.  I’ve felt like I just CAN’T throw them away… like it’s bad or something…. but, really, do I really need all 25 extras of my invitations??  I mean when am I ever going to use them?!

So, yes, I have purged….. but not without making some keepsakes first!

wedding keepsake
I found this adorable shadow box on clearance at Marshalls for $6.  And it turned out to be PERFECT for this project.  I didn’t have to paint it or anything!

The key to making a shadow box look right is layering.  You want your items to overlap—and it’s okay if you can’t see everything—it adds dimension otherwise your shadow box is just a frame.  I wanted the invitation to be the prominent focus so I didn’t layer over it as much.  I LOVE our wedding invitation!  It’s hard to tell by the pictures but the actual wording is under the cellophane topper—I had the wording engraved on a glass plaque that sits in the china cabinet next to this shadow box.

blog june 019

Then I took my napkins and the tags from the favors that my sister in law made and staggered them through the frame—this adds a lot of dimension—there is a fine line between too much stuff in the shadow box and just the right amount—a tip—measure the length and keep the number of items 1/2 under the number of inches—for example this box in 14” long and I have 7 items inside…. although take into account the size of your items…obviously if you have smaller items you can fit more in there.

blog june 018

It’s also hard to tell by the pictures because I couldn’t get the shiny material to photograph well.  To the left of the napkins I have the satin handkerchief my mother-in-law maid that has our initials and wedding date embroidered on it.

I LOVE this shadowbox!  Everytime I walk by it I get a giddy schoolgirl smile on my face…. it reminds me of the BEST day of my life!

What did you do with your wedding memories?

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