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5 Awesome Things for Your Thanksgiving Table

5 Awesome Things for Your Thanksgiving Table

Check out these 5 AWESOME things for your Thanksgiving table.  Make your Thanksgiving dinner the talk of the family with these 5 AWESOME things for your Thanksgiving table!


5 AWESOME Things for Your Thanksgiving Table

So it’s 5:30am and our new puppy woke me up half an hour ago ready to start the day….figures….the kids can sleep in this morning because there’s no school yet the dog is the one that wakes me up!

Anyway, since I’m up, what do I do at 5:30 in the morning?

I browse Amazon and Pinterest like any other sleepy mom this early in the morning….you do that right? Surely I’m not the only one….

Alright, so in my online window shopping this morning I started coming across some pretty awesome stuff for Thanksgiving and I just HAD to share it with you.


So here you go….my AWESOME Thanksgiving finds:

(and yes, I am trying to see how many times I can fit AWESOME into a blog post….this is me before coffee– be happy that I normally wait until cup 2 before I start writing  😆 )

  1. Thanksgiving To-Go Boxes!
    • How flipping cute are these!  Forget those ugly plastic containers….send guests home with leftovers in style!
  2. Thanksgiving Activity Table Cloth
    1. I absolutely LOVE this for the kids’ table!  Keep the kids entertained while the adults have a chance to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner together.  There’s fun games for everyone on this table cloth.  Simply grab a pack of crayons and let the kids go to town!
  3. Thanksgiving Cutlery Holders
    • Add a little pop of color to your Thanksgiving table with these adorable silverware holders. I’m all about keeping things simple for Thanksgiving because of all the cooking but these are so easy to add a little bit extra to your table without much work!
  4. Thanksgiving Straws
    • Another festive way to add a little fun to your Thanksgiving dinner without adding on any extra work on your part are these super cute straws!
  5. Thanksgiving Jokes Books
    • More fun for the kids table….this book of Thanksgiving Jokes is sure to be a hit.  You’ll have the kids table roaring with laughter!
  6. Thanksgiving Bingo Game
    • How about a rousing game of Bingo after dinner?  Kids and parents will have fun together playing this family favorite game….there’s a reason grandma still plays Bingo at the Senior Center…it’s hokey but a BLAST!

There you have it….5…well 6 things to make your Thanksgiving AWESOME!  Have you found anything really fun for Thanksgiving? Share in the comments below!

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