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DIY Whatever I’m Late Anyways Clock

So yeah, I’m a cyber stalker.  I’m constantly stalking my friends and relatives watching and waiting to see what they share, what they pin, what they secretly desire so I can get them the best gifts ever!

I try to put a lot of thought and care into gift giving… one day I will give a gift so wonderful that the clouds will part, cheesy music will play, a light will shine from the heavens onto my gift, the angels will sing, and the recipient will shed a tear of utter gratefulness and surprise when they open this gift to surpass all gifts.  Okay, so maybe not.  My husband says I can be a bit dramatic but I don’t understand why!

Anyway. Remember about a year ago when Pinterest was just a speck on the web?  Well, my sister actually had an account and I was stalking her on a platform that she didn’t even realize I was on…. so, in this case I guess that could be seen as the bad type of stalking.  Oh well, she’s my sister, it’s cool.  Anyway.  She pinned this clock:

Whatever, I’m Late Anyways.

So, of course, I pinned this clock too. (unfortunately the pin link doesn’t take you to the original source—it was actually out of a catalog) I knew that something like this would be pretty easy to replicate for her.  And now, over a year later, I’m finally getting around to it for her birthday next week.

Instead of cork (like this one is made of- I finally found it at Nordstrom and there was NO WAY I was spending what they wanted on it!) I used a simple canvas from Hobby Lobby:

january 017

Yeah, a 2 pack for 5.99 is much more my speed!

So, I just painted the canvas a nice khaki color.  It took two coats to look really good.

brown canvas

Then I got this clock kit from that new favorite craft store I told you about a few weeks ago for like $6- Consumer Crafts ROCKS!  I simply cut a hole into the middle of the canvas (I just used a screwdriver- nothing fancy).

And put the clock into the center following the directions on the kit.

Make a clock using canvas

Then I was planning on using my Silhouette Cameo to cut some vinyl for the lettering and numbers but it was giving me technical difficulties and I was getting impatient—so I decided to free hand it.  Luckily I think it came out pretty good:

I'm late clock

And the finished product:

Whatever.... I'm Late Anyways.  EASY DIY clock. @serendipitynsp #craftbasics

Whatever I'm Late Anyways Clock @serendipitynsp #DIY #imlate

Pretty close huh?!

Anyway, I’m hoping that my sister will be happy with it!


Friday 20th of December 2013

I love to cyber stalk people, and this clock would make no difference in my life. But I love it anyway, and I want one lol.

Herchel Scruggs (@Scruggbug)

Sunday 24th of November 2013

That is awesome! I am always late to everything lol. I love it.


Monday 25th of February 2013

Oh my goodness! This clock is hilarious...probably because I am late to everything!!! Love that you "stalked" your sister to find her perfect gift!!!

Keep Calm and Decorate

Saturday 23rd of February 2013

This is too funny! I need to make this for work. :)

Diana - FreeStyleMama

Thursday 21st of February 2013

This is such a cool idea!!

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