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How to Get a Victoria’s Secret Bra Super Cheap

How to get a Victoria’s Secret Bra Super Cheap

The lowest price on a Victoria’s Secret Bra is usually less than 19.99

So, there are things that we know and we just think that everyone knows these things until one day we are hit with the realization that we have sacred information that others would die to know.

For, example, it wasn’t until this past Monday that I planned a Mommy’s Lunch at Moe’s Southwest Grill for their $5 Monday Burrito Special.  Well, I assumed since I go to Moe’s all the time that of course so did other people and that everyone must know about this special.  Not so much, in fact 3 of the 4 other mommies that were there had NEVER been to a Moe’s before….. “WHAT?”  I was in shock…. and I was the hero for introducing them to this new fabulous lunch place. Yeah Me!

So, the same situation happens yet again when I’m talking to one of my good blogging friends (Julie, from White Lights on Wednesday) about bras and how I’ll just wait till the Victoria’s Secret semi-annual sale and stock up for the year.  This is when she mentions that she needs to just suck it up and spend the money to get one….. “WHAT?”

How to get a Victoria's Secret Bra Super Cheap

Could it be…. could she not know the secret?  Well, I told her…. and no she had no clue about the secret.

Apparently this valuable information is super special secret insider information…. and lucky for you I used to manage a VS so I know this amazing secret and will be more than happy to share it with you!

Twice a year Victoria’s Secret holds it’s semi-annual sale where they pull out all of the crappy, past seasons bras, and mark those at like $12.99 while marking down the rest of the current season’s fashion bras 25%-50% off the retail price.

I know, you’re thinking that’s no secret…. we’ve done the Semi Annual Sale before… but wait, it’s coming!

So, fashion bras are different from standard bras.  Your standard bras are considered white, nude, and black… these rarely go on sale- unless they are discontinuing the cut/style.  The fashion bras are your colorful bras- pink, green, blue, polka dot, flowered, Santa theme, whatever…. they’re the “pretty” bras.

Well, these fashion bras get chunked into the bins with the old crappy bras and usually have prices around $24.99-$39.99.

Okay, ready for the secret for How to get a Victoria’s Secret Bra Super Cheap……

The LAST weekend of the Semi-Annual Sale, in an effort to move inventory and make room for the new season’s colors, EVERY sale bra goes to a flat price…..

So, all the bras in the bins- no matter what price is on them- will be on sale for $12.99, $14.99, or $17.99– they change it up every sale and you won’t know which one it will be (even the associates won’t know what price point or when the sale will start– they get signage for all and then get an email in the morning of stating which sign to put up- so please don’t call them and ask– they really don’t know, not even the managers know).

So, if you wait until the end of the sale you may have some limited choices in colors but you’ll save a ton– You could possibly get 4 bras for the regular price of 1!

Now, there have been occasions (not often) where sales have been through the roof and they skipped this final sale– but I’ve only experienced that once about 5 years ago.

Another tip- go to an outlying store- if you live in a large metropolitan area then don’t go to the most popular store- find one that’s not as busy and your choices will be much more plentiful!


Tuesday 12th of February 2013

Thanks for the tip! Being *ahem* less-than-endowed, I've found better luck buying at Nordstrom than at VS. But I'll be sure to pass this tip along!


Saturday 2nd of February 2013

I managed a VSS for 11 years! I don't miss the sale set up but you can get some good deals! Definitely the earlier you are there the better. Oh, and don't judge a bra by the way it looks like it fits. TRY THEM ON! Some of my favorite bras I would have never picked out, I had to try every new style on and made some wonderful discoveries in the process. So, just try it on and don't assume you know how it fits. Have fun!

Christina Charles

Friday 1st of February 2013

Genius. Thanks so much..won't forget this valuable information when I save for Vs bras.yeah

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