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How to Refill a Glade Expressions Diffuser With A Bath & Body Works Scent

How to Refill a Glade Expressions Diffuser With A Bath & Body Works Scent

How to Refill a Glade Expressions Diffuser with a Bath & Body Works Scent

Get the Scent You Want

Refill Glade Expressions Diffuser

Note: This is NOT a sponsored post. Just me sharing how to refill your diffuser to get the scents you want! 🙂

refill glade expressions diffuser
So, remember when I introduced you to the Glade Expressions Diffuser here (that was the sponsored post)?  Now, don’t get me wrong… I LOVE the scents and I LOVE how long lasting they are….. BUT, I was a little sad they didn’t come out with any additional scents for winter.

I don’t know about you, but I like to change up the scents in my house with the seasons.  And now that it’s winter time I love cozy smells- especially those from Bath & Body Works like Winter, Frosted Cranberry, Fireside, etc.  But having a Wallflower plugged in with a toddler is not a great idea!

Lately the little man has been trying to unplug everything and I’m having to watch him like a hawk…. so bye bye Wallflowers! Sad smile

But, I want to keep my home smelling cozy and inviting….. so, I figured out how to use the Bath and Body Works Wallflower refills in the Glade Expressions Diffuser…. yeah me!
Ready for this simple trick???

They made the Glade Expressions Diffuser cartridge extremely easy to pop off:


Then, just pop off the top of a Bath & Body Works Wallflower refill:


And pour it into the Glade Expressions Diffuser cartridge:


Snap the cartridge back in place and VOILA!


There you have the beauty and simplicity of the Glade Expressions Diffuser with the intoxicating scent of the Bath & Body Works fragrance!


Sunday 15th of May 2016

Hello there ! I do realize this post is pretty old, but hopefully you'll still see this ! As you probably know, glade discontinued the oil diffusers a but ago, and im swiftly running out of my stash that I got at discount and went looking for solutions and was trilled to see this, but i was wondering about the little paper diffuser part. Do you remember if you had to use a different one for every scent ? I'd imagine they would retain a bit of the previous oil's scent on them ? Mostly im trying to think about what would work in substitute if there is a need to change them in between scents. Thank you !

Melissa Llado

Tuesday 24th of May 2016

Hi Audrey! I can not remember if I changed out the pad...I don't think I did. But I typically use the same scents over and over again.


Saturday 23rd of February 2013

Great idea. I wonder if you could do this with essential oils. (Stopping by from TT&J Wrap Party.)


Monday 31st of August 2015

I have put eo's in with some almond carrier oil, it does work. I used purification and the next time i did lavender. I think I will do peace and calming this time.

Laurie @ Simply Creating Home

Friday 22nd of February 2013

Thanks for the tip! I love my Wallflower scents and would love to have other ways to put them out. This is perfect!

Angie @ Knick of Time

Thursday 21st of February 2013

What a great tip! I love the diffuser too. It was a great price when I bought it, but then the price went up a lot, so I wasn't crazy about getting more. Now, I know how to still use it and probably save money as well!

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