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Terrific Tip Tuesday: How to Make Flowers Last Longer in a Vase

Terrific Tip Tuesday: How to Make Flowers Last Longer in a Vase

How to Make Flowers Last Longer in a Vase!

Photo Attribution: Flower Factor via Flickr

How to Make Flowers Last Longer in a Vase

Keeping Fresh Cut Flowers Alive for up to 2 weeks longer!

We all love fresh cut flowers don’t we?!  Unfortunately they just don’t last for very long!  Hubs will surprise me with flowers about 2-3 times a year and I always want to make sure that they last for as LOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNG as possible because they’re such a seldom and special occurrence!

Over the years I have learned a few tricks of the trade for how to make flowers last longer in a vase….I’m still working on the ones living in pots outside but that’s a whole other issue involving my not so green thumb! 😉

The key to making your fresh cut flowers live longer is all about the water and nutrients that they’re absorbing.  Once you cut a flower at the stem it starts loosing it’s nutrients immediately and it becomes much more difficult for it to absorb new nutrients for growth.

Here are some tips for how to make flowers last longer in a vase:

1. Cut the ends at an angle.  This helps the stems absorb water and nutrients better.  You will want to cut the stems down about 1/4 inch every 4-5 days for optimal absorption.

2.  Add 1 tsp of sugar to the water in the vase.  Just like we need a little sugar for a pick me up so do plants…they respond well to small doses of sugar.  I’ve read that using clear soda works just as well too….I guess flowers like Sprite too! 😉

3.  Place a penny in the vase.  This has to do with regulating pH levels and I’m not sure of all the technical/sciencey stuff but it works…so just try it! 🙂

4. Change the water every 3 days.  Fresh water for fresh flowers!

5. Keep flowers in a cool dry place.  I always try to keep them near the AC vent or somewhere where the heat of the kitchen won’t get to them.  They do need sunlight but pick a spot that gets indirect sunlight so that they’re not sitting in the heat all day!

These 5 tips are what I do diligently every time Hubs brings me flowers and they always last a minimum of 3 weeks!

What tips do you have for how to make flowers last longer in a vase? Share in the comments below!


Wednesday 24th of July 2019

I always have cut flowers in my house,cannot live without them,I have a lot in my garden and I cut them and bring them in. I cut them on an angle,put some sugar in the water for an alkaline ph balance and a drop of bleach to keep the bacteria away ( learned this in a flower arrangement class I took).Changing the water and re-cutting the flowers helps. Buy fresh flowers ,some should be in buds not open, no brown spots,no yellow leaves. Flowers with hard stems( like roses ,hydrangeas,lilacs) should be cut with a knife along the stems about 3 inches to open the pores so the flowers absorb the water better. I put my flowers on the balcony overnight ,tulips love it ,they stay cool ,I bring them in in the, I truly love flowers,all of them are a really beautiful piece of art,food for the soul. Carolle

Katelyn F

Monday 15th of September 2014

I am going to have to try these out! My husband loves to buy me flowers, but they die so quickly! I want to make them last (and my kids enjoy them too). Thanks Melissa!

jill b

Friday 6th of February 2015

I have heard to use sugar and also a tbsp. or two of white vinegar with the water, sugar for food and vinegar reduces bacteria/algae, it works. Also always use warm water(not too hot, as warm as you can handle to the touch comfortably) when cutting and filling vase, it picks up the flowers.

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