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Dollar Store Crafting

Adding Character with Dollar Store Frames

So remember way back to the beginning of my blogging career when I shared with you these Modge Podge letters?  Yeah, me neither.

Anyway, WAY back a long long time ago in a land far far away, I made these letters for Little Man’s room (bet ya can’t guess his name now).  At first I was thrilled with them! I loved them….I mean they were one of my first ever blog projects.

Adding dimension to name

As time has gone by I feel like they’re missing something.

I’m not sure what but they’ve gone from Ahhhhh to Blah.  Don’t get me wrong, I still like them but they just don’t hang on the wall as magnificently as they used to…maybe because it’s a different wall- I’m not sure.

Well, the other day it hits me- they just need a little update.  Everything in the decorating world is layered….you know- you can’t just have a pillow- you need a pillow with some ruffles and a monogram and maybe even a bow.

So, as I’m walking through the Dollar Tree I see these frames and think- why not add dimension to the letters- punch up the character a bit!

After leaving the Dollar Tree with 5 new frames I head over to Michaels to pick out some coordinating scrap book paper (which was on sale 5 for $1….PERFECT!).  The sweet little lady at Michaels thinks I do a TON of scrapbooking when I’ve never even made a single page in my life!  Yeah, I buy that much scrap book paper and accessories—they come in handy for soooooo many other projects!

Don’t be afraid to mix polka dots, plaid, and stripes….it helps add character when you mix them—just make sure you stay in the same color tone family.

With my new frames and scrapbook paper in tow I head home to update these poor little letters.

adding character with dollar store frames

In less than 10 minutes (and $6) I’ve placed the scrapbook paper in the frames, hot glue the letters on the front, and re-hang the new and improved letters on the wall!

PERFECT!  Now, those letters look like something a craft blogger put together!

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