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DIY Patriotic Wreath

DIY Patriotic Wreath

Personalized DIY Patriotic Wreath

DIY Patriotic Wreath

With the 4th of July right around the corner I wanted to  DIY a patriotic wreath.  One of my first pins ever was this wreath by She’s Kinda Crafty—being avid Gator fans how could I not LOVE this wreath?!

I keep planning on making it but maybe closer to football season.  Anyway, I LOVE all the ribbons- but man it takes a lot of time (and ribbon) gluing all of those little ribbon cylinders all over the wreath!  So I opted to just do half the wreath and I think it turned out great!


Foam Wreath (you can use a pool noodle and secure the ends together with ducktape—so much cheaper than buying a wreath)

3 rolls of base ribbon

3-5 rolls of ribbon for ribbonettes (that’s what we’re going to call the little ribbon cylinders—ok?)

Thread and Sewing Machine


Hot Glue Gun

Wooden Letters

Paint for letters


Wrap the wreath with your base ribbon.  I learned that the wider the ribbon the better for this part—it takes a lot of ribbon to wrap a wreath.  Don’t be afraid to mix styles and colors—just keep the red, white, and blue all the same shades of red, white, and blue (or whatever color combo you’re using).

Cut your ribbon for the ribbonettes into 5-6” sections—they don’t have to be perfectly the same size because you want dimension in there.  I used thick ornate looking ribbonettes and toned it down with thin solid color ribbonettes.

Now sew together the ends of your ribbonettes.  I didn’t bother cutting each one after I sewed the ends together I just kept adding them on and then cut them apart at the end.


Hot glue the ribbonettes onto the wreath—no specific order—be random—it’ll be prettier.  Be careful not to burn yourself too bad.

Paint your letters and let them dry.  I added a pearl finish on top of my painted letters to add a little irredescint sparkle—glitter would be pretty too!

Once your letters are dry- hot glue them on the wreath.

Enjoy your beautiful DIY patriotic wreath!

Patriotic 4th of July Wreath

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.