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Okay, so I love my keurig and I do mean Love!
(No, this is not a sponsored post- I just really love my Keurig!)
The k-cups make it so simple to make a quick cup of coffee.  But the cost conscious person that I am has a hard time paying $10 for just 12 cups when I can buy a whole bag for the same price and get about 30 cups of coffee. 

Luckily, there’s the My K-cup reuseable coffee filter so I can use my Keurig to make whatever coffee I want.  So, on days that I’m not rushing I use the My K-cup.  Now, I’m clumsy, really clumsy… my husband usually takes the little man upstairs at night- just to be safe.  So, when I do make coffee it gets all over the counter- and that’s if I haven’t dropped the bag on the ground and spilled a whole bunch! 

Anyway, I decided I needed something more convenient (and less messy) than the bag and decided to repurpose some old formula containers I was about to throw out.

Formula Container to Coffee Canister Tutorial:



Formula ContainerPrimer

Black Paint
Spray GlueFabric Scrap

Vinyl (optional)

Ribbon (optional)

Clean your container and separate the lid from the rest.

Paint the lid.
Spray the container with spray glue and attach the fabric scrap.

Attach pieces back together.  I did put a protective coating over the black paint so it wouldn’t peel.

Add Vinyl cut outs (I used Elephant and Bodoni fonts) and ribbon if you like.
Not only are these super cute but I don’t make a huge mess making coffee because the little scoop is the perfect size for the My k-cup.
Although, when I’m not using the My K-Cup I must say that Folger’s makes an amazing Vanilla Biscotti K-Cup– yeah, it’s as good as Starbucks but half the price!
How do you take your coffee?
Do you have a favorite brand/flavor?

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