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There is something powerful about words. They have the power to motivate, or break down, to build up and empower or to belittle and shame. How we use our words on those around us, especially our children, can play a huge role in molding their self esteems!

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Heidi is a mom to three young blessings & loves to tutor Maths, do VA work for bloggers, read & write about parenting.

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There’s something so special about a daughter. She’s soft and sweet, sensitive and sassy. There are the girly years of pink pyjamas, twirling skirts, dancing, painted nails, curled hair. There are the dad-obsessed years, and the mom-confiding years, and a lot of fussyness and emotional rollercoasters inbetween. Raising a girl is one of the most beautiful jobs on earth. And the most important.

Each little girl has certain questions in her heart that need answering. If we aren’t aware of these questions, we can treat her and speak to her in ways that can do more harm than good. The Bible says that ‘death and life are in the power of the tongue…’

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In the book Captivating, by Jon & Stasi Eldredge, it talks about the questions every little girl has in her heart. Some of them are:

Am I lovely?

Do you see me?

Do you want to see me?

Are you captivated by what you find in me?

Am I worth fighting for?

Our daughters are soft and impressionable and vulnerable to us; the world will be harsh and full of hard lessons, and will throw a thousand different messages at them about what is important, and who they are. While they are with us, let’s be as purposeful as we can in molding them to be strong, confident, secure women who know their value and worth.

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Here are some affirming words you can speak over your daughter every day:

  1. You are lovely.
  2. You are wanted.
  3. You are worthy of love.
  4. You are precious.
  5. You are so loved.
  6. I love watching you grow into the precious person you were meant to be.
  7. I long to see what a strong, beautiful adult you will be one day.
  8. You have a beautiful heart.
  9. You are such a special part of our family.
  10. You were made by God for a purpose.
  11. You are worth fighting for.
  12. You are enough.
  13. You are perfect, before make up or clothing. God made you, you. Perfect.
  14. You are part of a beautiful bigger life story.
  15. You are unique and that is beautiful.
  16. You are free to feel any emotions you feel, and that is okay.
  17. You are a joy to have in our home.
  18. Your opinion is important to me.
  19. You make our family complete.
  20. You are captivating.
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Here is an image of the same if you’d like to download it or print it.

words to speak over your daughter


Recently, this video clip on YouTube has been doing it’s rounds, showing a father teaching his baby girl affirmations about herself. Fathers play such an important part in a girl’s life and heart. Dad’s are irreplaceable! If you haven’t seen this, watch and smile:

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zNtPVgblzWY]

These years with our daughters are precious, and go by so fast! Let’s make the most of every day we have with them, and be purposeful in molding them into the very best, secure versions of themselves! What affirmations do you enjoy speaking with your daughter?










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