Top 5 Unique Board Games for Toddlers

board games for toddlers Top 5 Unique Board Games for Toddlers

Learning Socialization, Critical Thinking, and more!

So remember the other day when I shared with you the My Favorite Classic Board Games for Toddlers?  Well, today I’m sharing with you the Top Unique Board Games for Toddlers.  All of these are new, fun, and unique games sure to thrill your little one!

1.  The Sneaky Sneaky Squirrel Game

Develops matching, sorting, strategic thinking, hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and pre-handwriting skills.

Top  Board Games for Toddlers


2. Let’s Potty

Let’s Potty is a humorous and light-hearted way to begin the potty training conversation with your child

Top 5 Board Games for Toddlers

3. Fishing Fun

Fishing fun helps in developing fine motor skills.  Kids use a magnetic fishing pole to catch different fish from the pond.

Top 5 Board Games for Toddlers

4. Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed

The Five Little Monkey’s Jumping on the Bed popular children’s book is now available as a fun board game for toddlers.  Can your little one get all 5 monkeys in bed before they start jumping out and bumping their heads?!

Top 5 Unique Board Games for Toddlers

5.  Count Your Chickens

An award winning cooperative counting game with pluck! Help Mother Hen bring all her chicks back to the coop.

Top 5 Unique Board Games for Toddlers

There you have it– my picks for the Top 5 Board Games for Toddlers (make sure you check out my favorite Classic Board Games for Toddlers too!).  Even if your 2 year old doesn’t play well to begin, keep at it!  It takes a few tries but they’ll learn how to play the game….that’s what I believe game night is for….teaching our kids how to play and interact with others.  These games aren’t just about learning to count, learning colors, developing hand-eye coordination, etc…..they’re about learning socialization.

Just like we take time to read books to our children every day, I think it’s just as important to take time to play games with them as well.

What’s your favorite board game for toddlers?

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      Oh I know what you mean….we have to keep all games and puzzles up on the closet shelf because we’ve lost many pieces and have had to throw some away.

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    We have been looking for new games for our 3 year old. He loves Elefun and a Counting Frogs game he has but we want more variety for him. I think he’d love the Sneaky, Sneaky Squirrel!

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