Winter Sweater Bowl with Bling!

It’s Whimsical Wednesday!

Okay, I swear this is the LAST crafty post about sweaters…I think.  
I just can’t help myself… I LOVE the cable knit sweater look during these winter months!
If you missed my other Cable Knit Sweater Creations please check them out here, I think my all time favorite is still my turquoise lamp!  But this one is a close 2nd!
I know, you probably recognize the broach from my lamp… I was playing around with different ideas…I think I’m going to HL to see if

I can find some big blingy buttons.  

Oh, and do you notice something new about my photos?  I finally learned how to merge them together to make before and after shots and how to add my webpage on them- I learned this all by myself- aren’t you proud!
I’ll be sharing how to do this on Friday in our I Heart Blogging series!
Materials Needed:

Old Sweater


Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


1. Measure and cut the sweater to fit around the bowl.

2. Use your glue gun and attach the sweater along the base of the bowl.
Note: Don’t do it on the bottom or else your bowl won’t sit flat.

3. Tuck the extra sweater into the top of the bowl and glue it down.
4. Add some bling and you’re done!
Mine now sits on my desk and holds my pens and scissors. 
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  1. becauseithinkican says

    too cute! I never would have thought of doing this! thanks for linking it up to our Sleepy Sunday blog hop linky party!

    Leanne @ because (i think) i can

  2. Sarah says

    What a great idea! I would never have thought to make a sweater bowl. I have made a few sweater pillows and too love the look for winter. What a creative idea!

    I’m stopping over from the newbie party and am your newest follower. I’d love to have you come check out my blog and follow (if you’d like, of course!) too.

    Have a great week,

  3. Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm says

    I love this and I have some candles very similar to yours that could use a makeover and some repurposing! THanks for sharing!

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