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10 Ways to Predict Baby Gender

10 Ways to Predict Baby Gender

Ways to predict Baby's Gender

10 Ways to Predict Baby Gender

Fun ways to “determine” if you’re pregnant with a boy or girl!

During the first 15-20 weeks many mothers dream and guess what their little angel growing in the womb might be.  Other mothers like to wait til they’re in the delivery room to find out their surprise.  I am totally not one of the latter!  I’ve been playing the guessing game since day 1!  More power to the moms who can wait….I’m just completely incapable of waiting…I’ve always been one to spoil the surprise because I just HAVE to KNOW about everything! 😉

Not that it matters either way…I mean I’m going to love my little Jellybean no matter what gender he/she may be…but it’s still fun to know so I can start coming up with names, decorating the nursery, buying clothes, shopping for toys, etc.  Technically I can do all of that stuff without knowing the gender but it is significantly more difficult…especially in our extreme gender divided society….have you ever gone shopping for gender neutral baby items….they are pretty much non-existent!

So, for those of you like me, I have compiled a list of the top 10 ways to predict baby gender.  Now, this is all for fun, there is absolutely no scientific data to back these up…most of these are simply old wives tales….you’ll have to wait for your 18-20 week ultrasound to REALLY find out the gender…but these are fun for playing the guessing game!

1. The Ring on a String Test

Probably one of the most popular ways to predict baby gender is the ring on a string test.  The theory is that you take your wedding band, tie it to a piece of string, and hold it so the ring is hanging 3-4 inches above your belly.  If the ring swings in a circle then you’re having a girl, if it swings back and forth then it’s a boy.

The main problem with this “test” is that there are also Old Wives Tales that state if it swings in a circle then you’re having a boy and if it swings back and forth then you’re having a girl. Either way…you still have a 50/50 chance of being right!

2. What’s Mama Craving?

Another popular and well known way to predict baby gender is based on your cravings.  The theory is that if you’re craving protein, salty foods, and dairy then you’re expecting a boy.  If you’re craving sweets, fruits, and salads then your going to have a girl.

This is where the little rhyme “Sugar and spice and everything nice- that’s what little girls are made of” originates from.  Although, even with Little Man I never craved “Lizards and snails and puppy dog tales”….since those are apparently what “little boys are made of”!

3. Are you glowing or striving to survive?

When I was pregnant with Little Man I was GLOWING….I mean super model GLOWING!  I would look in the mirror and LOVED every single thing I saw!  My hair was lush, my skin had cleared up to absolute perfection (even though I never washed my makeup off at night), my nails grew long and strong, my skin was soft and supple, etc.  I felt like a goddess….if you feel like a goddess too then you might very well be carrying a boy according to this old wives tale!

But, if you’re carrying a girl it’s supposed to take a toll on you….nausea, bad skin, frizzy thin hair, dark circles, cankles…..need I go on?!  According to this old wives tale the little girl is stealing her mommy’s beauty to make her own beauty…I feel like this could easily be turned into a Disney Fairytale movie! 😉

4.  The Baking Soda Test

A lesser known way to predict baby gender is the baking soda test….it seems quite scientific and even boasts a 50% chance of being correct. 😉  The legend behind the baking soda test is that boys and girls alter the mother’s hormones so much that her pH levels are significantly different based on the gender that she is carrying.  So, you take a cup and add a few tablespoons of baking soda to the bottom then add a little bit of your urine and see what happens.  If the mixture sizzles and bubbles up then you’re having a boy, if there’s no reaction at all then you’re having a girl.  So give it a shot….it’s correct half of the time!

5. The Heartbeat Test

Another more common way to predict baby gender is through the heartbeat test.  There are different reports that say exactly what number the heart rate needs to be above….some reports say 140 beats a minute while others claim 160 beats a minute.  If you’re baby has a higher heart rate then it’s believed that you are carrying a girl…a lower heart rate means a boy.  Little Man had a constant heart beat around 150 and this baby seems to stay around 160…so check back next week for the gender reveal and see if it really makes any difference. 😉

6. The Name Game

Having trouble coming up with a boy name but easily fell in love with a girl name…that means you’re having a girl according to this old wives tale.  And, of course, vise versa.

My mom swears that she knew without a doubt with all 3 of us because of this old wives tale.  They didn’t do gender scans back then and she swears that once she picked our names she refused to find one for the opposite gender because she just knew she wouldn’t need it.  It’s a good thing I wasn’t a boy because I’ve never met a man named Melissa…at least my brother was safe with the more gender neutral Blake!

7.  Moodiness Indicator

Are you EXTRA moody?  It could be all those extra female hormones floating around!  Moodiness=girl….I find this a little sexist…but let’s be honest…this whole article is sexist! 😉

8. Sibling’s Indicator

This one comes from old Native American folklore.  The theory goes that your previous child can predict the next child simply by taking a look at the back of their hairline.  If the hair naturally lies straight across the back of the neck then it’s the same gender but if it scraggles downward then the new baby is the opposite gender of the last.

9. Kids Know ALL!

A little different Old Wives Tale involving siblings only “works” if they are 5 and under.  According to this old wives tale, if you ask a child (can be a family member not necessarily the immediate sibling) whether the baby you are carrying is a boy or girl then they can tell you accurately.  The theory is that children are more open and use a different part of their brains to communicate and are able to pick up on gender differences while babies are in utero.

10.  Chinese Gender Chart

 Another more well known and fun method of predicting a baby’s gender is the ancient Chinese Gender Chart.  This chart takes the mother’s Chinese Lunar age at conception and the Chinese Lunar month at conception to predict the gender.  Go ahead, why not give it a try….supposedly the Chinese have been using this method for over 700 years!

11. The Ramzi Theory

 The newest way to predict baby gender is the Ramzi Theory…and it’s the most scientifically based gender determination test with the exception of an ultrasound.  According to the Ramzi Theory, the baby’s gender can be predicted at your very first ultrasound.

Most new moms misunderstand how to determine this because they think they can just look at the ultrasound picture to know….but that is incorrect…you will have to ask your doctor for the correct answer.  So, the theory states that babies who implant on the left are most likely to be little girls while babies who implant on the right are more likely to be little boys.  Now, this is not where the baby is specifically located in the ultrasound picture…I mean those little jellybeans are in constant motion.  This is where the actual egg implants in the uterus and where the placenta grows….only your doctor or ultrasound technician can really tell you which side your little jellybean is on because they are the ones controlling the ultrasound wand.

You can read more about the Ramzi Theory here.

Happy  day…you got one extra ways to predict baby gender!  So just remember….all of these ways to predict baby gender are just for fun!  You won’t know for sure until your doctor tells you after your anatomy scan or until you hold that little bundle of joy in your arms.  These are just old wives tales that make the guessing game more fun!  Many of these are great to do at gender reveal parties (before the big reveal) and at baby showers….have fun!

Do you have a fun old wives tale for predicting baby’s gender? Share it in the comments below!

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Patti K

Thursday 26th of May 2016

My mom said my first would be a boy because I was carrying low and all in front just like she carried my brothers. She was wrong! I had a girl.???? Matter of fact, I carried all three differently and all are girls! My mother passed away before I was pregnant with #2 & #3 so I didn't have her to guess on those two. My dad is pretty accurate in predicting. If he has a dream about the expectant mom and the baby is also in his dream, then most often the gender is correct based on what it was in his dream!

Melissa Llado

Friday 27th of May 2016

Oh wow....that's pretty neat about your dad...maybe that's his sixth sense. ;)

Georgina Wheeler

Friday 18th of September 2015

For me Boy or Girl is all perfect. I love them all. But if can predict a gender, I think it's kind of fun also.

Melissa Llado

Saturday 19th of September 2015

Yeah...this is all just good fun...especially during a baby shower for lots of guesses and laughs!

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