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20 Lilly Pulitzer Gifts Under $25

20 Lilly Pulitzer Gifts Under $25

With the holidays right around the corner you’ll want to check out these 20 Lilly Pulitzer gifts under $25!  Yes, there’s quite a lot of Lilly Pulitzer gifts under $25…check them all out!

Lilly Pulitzer Gifts Under $25
These Lilly Pulitzer Gifts under $25 are affordable and posh! The perfect gift to give this holiday season!

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Lilly Pulitzer Gifts Under $25

Just like most southern girls, I’m completely in love with the vibrant prints that are the signature of Lilly Pulitzer.  And even though the holidays are still a ways away…I’m already shopping for my girlfriends so I can get the best present at the best price!  

Plus, did you realize that it’s only 3 weeks until Black Friday????  You’re welcome! 😉

Every year I want to get something truly memorable for my girlfriends.  Each year we say there’s a $20 limit on gifts but each year I always go over….I mean, these girls are my best friends…my confidants…my sanity when the kids are driving me nuts!  

So I want to spoil them….and what better way than a little Lilly??

There you have it….20 Lilly Pulitzer Gifts for Under $25!

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