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5 Reasons Decluttering Isn’t Working for You

5 Reasons Decluttering Isn’t Working for You

Get started with the Spring Cleaning Challenge and wanting to start with decluttering?  First, read up on the 5 reasons decluttering isn’t working for you….you need to get past these roadblocks to get on the path of decluttering and Spring Cleaning success!

Reasons Decluttering Isn't Working for you fall into one of these setbacks when trying to on to find out more

5 Reasons Why Decluttering Isn’t Working for You

These Roadblocks are Holding You Back from Decluttering Success

Reasons Decluttering Isn’t Working for You….do you fall into one of these setbacks when trying to declutter?

Decluttering can be a very worthwhile and valuable endeavor. There is a wide array of benefits to the process. However, decluttering on its own is a fruitless effort. Without personal evaluation and insight, any progress you make will more than likely be undone. Read on to discover why decluttering isn’t working for you and how deeper personal insight can lead to lasting change.

Reasons Decluttering Isn't Working for you fall into one of these setbacks when trying to on to find out more

Decluttering doesn’t require introspection.

Getting rid of stuff you haven’t used in the last year or donating an item of clothing for each new piece you bring home are short-term fixes. For decluttering methods to stick, you must evaluate your reasons for the decisions you make regarding your possessions, such as making statements regarding your values, passions and desires.

Decluttering isn’t helping you understand your attachment to possessions.

Delving a little deeper, you must actually consider the personal motivations for your attachment to the stuff you own. For example, do you hold onto things because you fear being without? Further examination may lead to the realization that you are holding onto habits from a childhood of poverty and that it’s okay now to let go of your abundance of stuff.

Decluttering doesn’t benefit others.

Decluttering without mindfulness does little to help others who could benefit from your overstock. Taking steps to get rid of some things and tidy up, without understanding your reasons for doing so, rarely leads to the kinds of results that could come from purposeful action. When you understand what you hope to gain from this release of clutter, you can significantly pare down your possessions, allowing more people to benefit from your abundance.

Whenever I clean out my closet or the kids’ closets I always find a meaningful charity to donate the stuff to.  And while I’m cleaning out I think about the people who will be getting the items and how it will improve their lives….it helps me actually get rid of more stuff that way.  Do this with your kids as well and teach them the importance of giving from the heart in lieu of acquiring more ‘things’.

Decluttering has no impact on your debt.

You may think decluttering can help you raise some cash by selling your unwanted things. However, without examining your motives for acquiring so much stuff and evaluating your priorities in life, you’re practically guaranteed to buy more items to take the place of those you’ve sold.

Decluttering rarely leads to lifestyle changes.

Mindless decluttering is temporary. Your clean and organized environment is merely a facade that isn’t likely to last. If you want to change your life by implementing healthy changes and making positive strides, you first must do the work of introspection.

Taking time to evaluate what has led to your clutter and to consider your lifestyle goals will go a long way toward creating a soothing home environment that lasts. Decluttering doesn’t work on its own, but combining it with mindfulness can lead to success.

Don’t NOT Declutter Because You Think You May Fail

I by no means am saying you shouldn’t declutter…I’m actually saying the opposite!  You NEED to declutter!  Having a home that’s cluttered adds to our anxiety and has proven to raise depression rates in women…so it’s imperative that you declutter.  I’m advocating that you declutter with intention and think about what actions caused the clutter in the first place.

For me, we have a TON of toys…and that was because I thought the kids needed more stuff to keep them occupied.  But I realized, they needed less toys and more individual attention.  They aren’t acting out because of boredom…they’re acting out because they are struggling to be the center of attention.

Now, instead of buying more ‘things’, Hubs and I have individual dates with each of the kids every weekend.  I’ll take an hour or two with Mackenzie while he takes an hour or two with Logan and then we’ll switch.  This one on one attention has really helped with the acting out and arguing among the kids.

I hope you’ll join in the 5 Day Cleaning Challenge and we’ll tackle the mess together!

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