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DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner

This DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner recipe is safe for little ones who like to put toys in their mouth.  Use this all natural toy cleaner recipe for your kids toys to fight germs and keep bacteria at bay.

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner Recipe - Safe, Non-toxic cleaning solution for the kids and baby toys.

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner

A Safe, Non-Toxic Way to Clean Your Kids’ Toys

Ever since Logan was born I’ve been very hesitant to use chemical cleaners because of all the risks associated with them….and as you know….babies LOVE to put stuff in their mouths!  Even now, that he’s 5, stuff still winds up in his mouth that makes me want to yell “NOOOOOOOO!”.  And now that his sister wants to do everything that he does…that same gross stuff winds up in her mouth too!

Over the years I’ve tried several different all natural cleaners but I still felt like they had a chemical smell to them and I’ve always been a bit hesitant to clean the toys with them.  I mean, toys are the #1 item that winds up in their mouths….so I have to make sure that they’re CLEAN and that what I’ve cleaned the toys with is safe for little mouths.

That’s why, when I discovered this DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner I started just making my own cleaner and stopped buying the stuff at the store.  Hubs is happy because it saves us a TON of money!  And I’m happy because I know EXACTLY what is being used around my babies.

This DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner gets all of the dirt and grime off the toys as well as being antibacterial.  You can either mix it up in the sink and bath wash all of the toys or you can mix it up in a glass spray bottle and use as a spray on the toys.  I also prefer to wipe the toys down with a microfiber cloth for easy grime removal.

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner Recipe - Safe, Non-toxic cleaning solution for the kids and baby toys.

DIY All Natural Toy Cleaner Recipe

4 TBS Baking Soda

1 Quart Warm Water

3 Drops Purify Essential Oil

3 Drops Lemon Essential Oil

Mix all ingredients together and gently clean the surface of the toys.  For plush toys I like to use the spray bottle method and just lightly spritz each toy.  Allow the toys to dry before playing with them again.

I love using essential oils around the house…but you do have to be careful because they are much more potent than other ingredients.  If you’re not familiar with essential oils then check out The Beginners Guide to Essential Oils.

Some people wonder why I use Rocky Mountain Oils instead of buying my oils at the grocery store or through one of the direct sales distributors.  Well, the reason is because I know where the oils are coming from and I know that Rocky Mountain Oils are top of the line and safe to use.  When it comes to my family I don’t want to risk using a potentially dangerous oil because it wasn’t distilled correctly or harvested from an unknown farm.  You have to be careful when using essential oils because quality is so vitally important.  I don’t mind spending a little bit more on high-quality oils that I know are safe for my family….trust me, I’ve tried others and have had adverse reactions so now I’m a complete convert to Rocky Mountain Oils.

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All Natural All Purpose Cleaner Recipe

Tuesday 12th of February 2019

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