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Discovering NC- Red Wolf Farms Pumpkin Patch

So there are pumpkin patches and corn mazes and apple picking farms and all sorts of fun fall stuff ALL over the place up here!  I’ve seen at least 6 or 7 different pumpkin patch farms and decided to just close my eyes and pick one…. let me just say…. I picked a WINNER!!!

red wolf pumpkin patch

Red Wolf Farms is located in Maiden NC… about 45 minutes from Charlotte.  So yes… you drive WAY out into the country…. never having gone pumpkin picking before I wasn’t sure what to expect.  My husband was a little weary of driving all the way out to “the boondocks”

but once we arrived we were pleasantly surprised and had an amazing time!

This is their 3rd year in operation and they have already perfected it!  First off—it was only $8 and that includes your pumpkin!  I’m sooooooo NEVER buying a pumpkin from the store again!  I mean… I pay $5 at the store for one so why not spend the extra $3 and have a FUN FILLED afternoon?!?!

Upon arriving we were greeted by every employee with enthusiasm and happiness….these people were HAPPY to be at work and they all genuinely wanted to make sure EVERYONE had a great time!  The guy that (I believe he owns the farm, if not he has to be the one who put the whole pumpkin picking thing together) was ALL over the place making sure everyone was having a fantastic time and that everything ran smoothly.  He stopped and chatted with all the guests and really helped to put a friendly face behind this HUGE farm!

We took a hayride up to the top of the hill where the pumpkin patch, picnic pavilion, restrooms, and activities were.  The hayride was really nice because it was enclosed…. I don’t mean you’re all trapped in a little tin car… it’s hard to explain…. and of course I didn’t take any pictures of it! Sad smile  Anyway, the hayride was this huge open air cart pulled by a tractor.  I liked that you didn’t have to worry about the kids falling off, or loosing a stroller or anything!  Yeah, you could load up the stroller and take it up there with you!!

Once we got to the top of the hill there were hundreds  thousands of pumpkins!  And these weren’t little bitty rotten pumpkins…. Oh no… they were large (probably 5-8 pounds each), beautiful, freshly picked pumpkins spread all over a grassy field….no crazy vines to trip over.  It was beautiful!

pumpkin patch north carolina

BUT…. pumpkins weren’t the only thing they had to offer!  They also had a fantastic petting zoo for the kids….and it’s included with admission!  The petting zoo was set up along a long trail through the woods.  I really liked that the animals were spread out, they had an employee stationed at every pen to make sure that the animals were treated well and to talk to the kids about the animals.  They even had hand sanitizers set up at every pen.  I’m a HUGE animal advocate and was happy to see that the animals were very well taken care of, had plenty of space, were in the shade, and had employees watching out for their well being!  (I was at another pumpkin patch later in the week and was horrified that all the animals were thrown into a single small pen, in the blazing sun, and did not appear well taken care of at all!)  Red Wolf Farm definitely takes care of their animals!

The little man had a fantastic time checking out all the animals!  They had ducks, chickens, rabbits, goats, cows, a GIGANTIC pig, and a pony.

Red Wolf Farms Pig

Red Wolf FarmsRed Wolf Farms Horse

The little man is still a bit too little to do all of the other activities that were available.  Red Wolf Farms had a pirate ship playhouse, a kiddie tractor ring, corn tubs, and a maze that kept the other kids there occupied for hours!

I was SUPER impressed by their picnic pavilion.  Not necessarily the pavilion its self but the fact that they had functioning restrooms located right behind it!  Yes, an outdoor event that didn’t require me using a port a potty!  The bathrooms were set up nice and they were eco-friendly!!  I was impressed!

So, if you’re ever in Maiden NC during the Fall I would highly recommend Red Wolf Farms!

Disclaimer:  I was in no way compensated for this post, nor was I asked by any employee of Red Wolf Farms to write a review.  All opinions are 100% my own, I just felt like sharing our wonderful experience!

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Kelly@ Here Comes the Sun

Monday 14th of October 2013

I'm jealous! There are no good farms like this in Wilmington. I miss apple picking and good Fall festivals.

Danni Baird @ Silo Hill Farm

Thursday 25th of October 2012

Melissa that looks like a blast! Your little guy is sure growing up fast!

Missy Shay

Thursday 25th of October 2012

Sounds like a lot of fun! We did a corn maize this year that was a lot of fun!


Thursday 25th of October 2012

Looks like a great place. Good discovery.


This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.