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5 Pool Bag Essentials

5 Pool Bag Essentials

This post brought to you by The Hershey Company. The content and opinions expressed below are that of Serendipity and Spice.

Being in the midst of summer there’s a few pool bag essentials that I just don’t leave home without.  Check out these top 5 pool bag essentials that are beyond the typical towels and a magazine. Pool Bag Essentials

5 Pool Bag Essentials

Must Haves for Your Pool Bag

With summer in full swing the kids and I are constantly at the pool.  We are all huge water buffs…anytime we can get in the pool or ocean…we do!  Seriously, I’ve told Hubs a dozen times that my dream home will have 3 things…..1. a large kitchen, 2. a large dog, and 3. a large pool.  He thinks I’m joking. 😉  But until the day comes that we can build our dream home and adopt Pixie I will just pack a pool bag and head to the neighborhood pool.  Yes, you read that right….I want a HUGE dog and I want to name her Pixie….because nothing’s cuter than naming your pets something totally unexpected! 😉

Did I ever tell you I used to dream of being an Olympic swimmer?  Yep, when I was a kid I would spend hours at my grandmother’s pool pretending I was competing in the Olympics.  I was obsessed with all things surrounding competition swimming.  Unfortunately, I never made the swim team but in Grandma’s eyes I was a swimming champ! Besides packing the typical pool bag supplies like towels, keys, and phone…there’s a few more pool bag essentials that I always pack.

5 Pool Bag Essentials

My Top 5 Pool Bag Essentials

  1. Bottled Water

    • Seems like a no-brainer…right?  Well, you’d be surprised at how many people forget to pack water for hydration.  I see so many people at the pool with energy drinks and sodas but when you’re out playing in the hot sun you have to rehydrate.  Water is the best way to rehydrate your body.
    • Before heading to the pool consider how long you are going to be there and pack enough water for everyone to stay well hydrated.  Pack approximately 8oz of water per hour per person that you’re at the pool.
  2. Sunscreen

    • We all know the importance of sunscreen these days but many of us put the sunscreen on before leaving the house and that’s it.  It’s important to reapply sunscreen throughout your visit to the pool.  Whenever you get out of the pool you need to reapply sunscreen because it washes away.  Even if you’re not in the water you need to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours because it does fade away.
    • I also take a higher SPF sunscreen specifically formulated for my face.  This momma definitely doesn’t want any lines or wrinkles before her time. 😉
  3. Brookside Fruit & Nut Bars

    • It never fails, we could eat right before heading to the pool and within 15 minutes the kids are telling me they’re hungry!  Swimming definitely builds up an appetite.  So I always pack Brookside Fruit & Nut bars.  I love that these bars are a wholesome snack that I can feel good about feeding my family.
    •  BROOKSIDE Yogurt Flavored Fruit & Nut Bars are non-GMO, gluten free, and contain no artificial flavors.  The unexpected flavor of fruit and nuts combined is amazing!  These bars are addictive and the kids LOVE them….they feel like they’re getting a treat and I know they’re getting something good and wholesome.brookside
  4. Conditioner

    • Lots of swimming can wreck havoc on your hair so I always bring a leave in conditioner to apply after swimming.  The chlorine in pools can strip your hair of it’s natural oils making it brittle.  So, I apply a little bit of conditioner to help strengthen my locks…if you can find one with a bit of SPF then that’s even better!
  5. Hair Clip

    • I’m constantly searching for hair clips because there’s nothing worse on a hot day then long hair weighing you down.  That’s why I always grab a few extra clips to have in my pool bag.  Plus, you’ll be the most popular mom at the pool if you have extra hair clips for the other moms that inevitably forgot while running out of the house.

So that’s my list of pool bag essentials that keep my family happy during the summer.  Until the day that we build our own pool and get Pixie I’ll just have to pack a bag.  Don’t get me wrong…packing a bag is not bad and I LOVE going to the neighborhood pool.  The kids get to play with their friends, I get to converse with other adults, we all get to have a good time.  I just dream of being able to wake up and jump in my own pool one day….clothes and all…and Pixie can join me too! 😉 Pool Bag Essentials I teamed up with The Hershey Company to highlight their new Brookside Yogurt Flavored Fruit & Nut Bars because I’m completely in love with these delicious snacks.  The bars are sweet, satisfying, and the flavor is phenomenal…all while being made with wholesome ingredients like real nuts and fruit.  With the launch of the new flavors: Cranberry Blueberry with Citrus, Vanilla Fig and Mango Pineapple, The Hershey Company is giving you the chance to win $1,000! Full sweepstakes rules

Just like Brookside Yogurt Flavored Fruit and Nut Bars are two dimensional and pack unexpected flavors together– you aren’t one dimensional either.  Tell the world about your unexpected side on Twitter and Instagram using hashtags #ShareYourBROOKSIDE and #SweepEntry to enter to win $1,000 toward a unique adventure. brook You can also enter by commenting on the Facebook post on the Brookside Facebook Page. BROOKSIDE website

What are your pool bag essentials?  Share in the comments below!

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.