How to Season a Cast Iron Skillet

Seasoning a cast iron skillet is a MUST if you plan on cooking with it!  Have you ever tried to cook with a cast iron skillet that hasn’t been seasoned?  Yeah, everything just sticks to it and it’s a pain in the arse to clean!

So how do you season a cast iron skillet?

It’s actually very simple!

All you need is 1 cup of Crisco shortening!
Set your oven on low (200-250 degrees), place the Crisco in your skillet, let it melt, swirl it around to cover all of the inside of the skillet and let it bake 8-10 hours.  You will need to re-swirl the Crisco around to recoat the inside of the skillet every hour or so. 
Then, NEVER wash it.  Well, I mean you can wash the crud off of it when you use it BUT don’t use soap or dish detergent.  Just rinse it and scrub brush it if you must.  Make sure that it dries completely!
Don’t worry, it’s sanitary because cast iron gets so HOT it burns off any germs and sanitizes itself.
A properly seasoned cast iron frying pan is the key to making certain skillet recipes…. like the Southern Skillet Cornbread I’ll be sharing tomorrow!

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  1. Catie @ Catie's Corner says

    Thanks for sharing! I don’t have a cast iron skillet, but want to get one and I would have had no clue how to season it. I just pinned this for future reference. =)

    Have a great weekend!

    ~ Catie

  2. Gale says

    My husband uses an iron skillet to make the best steaks. He puts the oven on 500, oils the pan (in an oil that takes a lot of heat), and once it’s heated up grills them for just a couple minutes on each side. They taste awesome. The only problem is that most oven mits can’t take 500 degrees…so I got him this:

    (Not trying to spam you…but just offering it up as something you could add to the post if you wanted, with your own amazon referral ID of course). 🙂

    Also, another thing I do is I use salt as a scrubber to get the gunk off the pan…doesn’t hurt the “patina” and works great. You can just pour it on and it will soak out some of the excess grease if you want it to.

  3. Missy Shay says

    My husband inists that I have to put oil in it after every “wash”, is this true? I mean as soon as I dry it off, not when I’m about to use it.

    • Melissa SerendipityandSpice says

      Not if it’s seasoned. Really all you’re doing is rinsing it with water and making sure no food bits are left on it. I add oil right before I cook with it though. 🙂

  4. Tasha says

    The Lodge Cast Iron cookware we use is pre-seasoned. From time to time food will stick on it or it develops a grayish color. Then we reseason. That takes about an hour and smells AWFUL!!! Cooking with cast iron is the best!

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