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Have you ever wonder why you should be using a diffuser for essential oils?  I’ve been using a diffuser for essential oils since Day One and I love it….so will you!

Tips for choosing an essential oil diffuser and why you should use a diffuser for essential oils.

Using a Diffuser for Essential Oils

How and Why to Use a Diffuser with Essential Oils

There are many different ways to use essential oils, depending on the purpose behind using them. If you are going to try aromatherapy, one excellent way to do it is by using a diffuser.  Using a diffuser is how I first started using essential oils because it’s a super easy way to start learning about oils and finding what works for you.  Today I’m sharing with you some of the differences in using diffusers with essential oils.

Tips for choosing an essential oil diffuser and why you should use a diffuser for essential oils.

Types of Essential Oil Diffusers

You should first know that there are actually a few different types of diffusers to be used with essential oils. The newer types of diffusers are cool air nebulizer diffusers, but these are definitely not the only ones available. Here is a rundown of the three most common types of essential oil diffusers:

* Cool Air Nebulizer – With this type of diffuser, there is a high amount of cold air pressure that helps to vaporize the essential oils. There is a glass bulb inside that works like a condenser, so that the oils and their benefits can be released into the air supply. This is only done in small quantities, so it provides some cool air and the scent of the oils, but it doesn’t damage anyone’s lungs. While cool air nebulizers are quality diffusers that work well for a wide range of benefits, they can’t handle the stronger essential oils like sandalwood.

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* Electric Heat – You might also find an electric diffuser that is a little smaller and has a slightly simpler system than the nebulizer diffuser. With the electric heat diffusers, they have a chamber with absorbent pads on the inside. The oils are placed on the pads and heat after plugging it in to help the oils get into the air. These are really easy to use and do work good on the stronger oils, like ylang ylang and sandalwood.

* Candle – There are also candle diffusers, which look similar to a tart warmer. There is a glass container that holds a small candle on the bottom and you place the oils on the tray on the top. The heat works similar to the electric heat diffuser to release the scent of the oils.

Tips For Using a Diffuser

Make sure you read the instructions manual for the type of diffuser you are using.  It’s very important to read the instructions so that you know what type of oils to use and you don’t have any safety issues.

I personally like using a nebulizer diffuser because I feel like it’s easy to use, easy to clean, and I don’t have to worry about it heating up or forgetting to blow out the candle.

When you first start using a new oil you don’t want to immediately drop in 10-15 drops!  Start with 6-7 drops– you can always add more drops later if you feel the scent isn’t strong enough.  I usually have to use about 15 drops of Citrus Fresh to get the intensity of scent that I prefer because it’s a super light scent.  But, I can only use 6 drops of Joy because it’s a strong scent and can be overpowering.

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How Often To Use a Diffuser

I use my diffuser daily!  In the morning time I will diffuse a scent that’s uplifting like Brain Power, Awaken, Clarity, etc.  These oils get my in the right mindset for work and getting things done.  After school I’ll diffuse Thieves for a couple of hours– who knows what germs the kids are bringing home!  Then in the evening time I love to diffuse Peace & Calming to get us ready for bedtime.

How to Clean the Diffuser

Cleaning a nebuelizer diffuser is very simple.  You’ll want to clean your diffuser after each use so that you’re not mixing your oil blends together.  Just rinse the inside and use a soft sponge (included in the Young Living Starter Kit) to gently wipe down all of the residue that’s inside your diffuser.  Don’t forget to wipe down the metal disk inside you’re diffuser so that it doesn’t build up oils and stop working.

For a heat diffuser you’ll want to replace the pads regularly and wipe down the inside.  These are very easy to keep clean but can rack up the costs with new pads depending on the brand.

The candle diffusers are the hardest to clean in my opinion.  You’ll have to toss out the old oil, but NOT down the sink.  When using a candle diffuser I like to pour the oil into a small ziploc bag and toss it in the trash.  Pouring oil down the sink could cause plumbing issues down the road.

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Choosing a Diffuser for Essential Oils

Choose the diffuser that you like…it doesn’t really matter which diffuser you get so choose one that matches your decor and personality.  I personally love the sleak style of the Young Living diffusers because they blend in with my decor seamlessly but Amazon has some beauties too…like this wooden style diffuser...it would go perfectly in my bedroom.  I did buy my mom this diffuser on Amazon and she loves it.  It’s small enough that she tosses it in her suitcase and just takes it with her when traveling.  It makes her hotel room feel a little more like home when she’s able to diffuse her favorite scents.

Share which style is your favorite and why!


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