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How to Use Yummly

Yummly is an awesome new way to find recipes.  Find your YUM and keep it in a virtual recipe box!  This post will help you understand how to use Yummly for fun and as a food blogger.

How to Use Yummly

Understanding Yummly

How to use Yummly for fun and as a Food Blogger

So last week I discovered Yummly and fell in LOVE!  Yummly is a fantastic site for finding delicious recipes to make AND it’s a hidden gem for bloggers to promote their recipes.  After I added the YUM button to my site Yummly became one of my Top 5 traffic sources.  Once you learn how to use Yummly it becomes just as addictive as Pinterest!

Yummly isn’t just for bloggers though…I now use it to personally keep track of recipes I want to try.  There’s no people to “follow” or status updates to “like”….it’s just pictures of delicious looking food and a YUM button.  There is a search feature if you’re looking for a specific type of recipe or you can just browse categories or even have Yummly make recommendations based on what you’ve already YUM’d.  All you do is click the YUM button and it automatically saves the recipe to your recipe box.

If you’re like me and want to get more organized then you can sort all of these recipes into Collections.  For example, all of my recipes from this site are in my Serendipity and Spice Collection. You can make any kind of Collection that you want– Chicken Recipes, Veggies, Snacks….etc.

You can even enter in your own recipes for safe keeping. Or ask a cooking question too!

Yummly is a great way to search for new recipes!  When you click on a recipe you see how many times it’s been “YUM’d”, the ingredients, the calorie estimate, how long it takes to cook, an easy to print button, a click to email button, etc.

How to use Yummly

When you scroll down you can click to see the directions for the recipe (this will open up in an iframe to the site that developed the recipe…that way you stay on Yummly but the blogger who made the recipe still gets credit).  You’ll also see the Nutritional Values, Tastes (I love that this gives you a better sense of the flavor!), recipe tags, and comments!

how to use yummly

You can even add the bookmarklet to your browser and YUM recipes that you find across the internet…that way you can easily find them later!

I’d LOVE it if you would go YUM some Serendipity and Spice recipes!

How to Use Yummly for Bloggers

How to Use Yummly

Now, if you’re a food blogger you’re going to LOVE Yummly more than any social network out there!  Once I installed the YUM button on my site I started seeing a nice traffic increase that has progressively grown every day! And the BEST part is……I don’t have to remember to go post regularly.

You can either add the YUM button directly or if you use a social sharing plugin like SumoMe, Shareaholic, Simple Share, etc. you can add it through those.  I use SumoMe (I’ll tell you all about why I LOVE them in another post!).

Whenever I publish a post I go to that post and click the YUM button. That’s it!  Okay, I do put it in my Serendipity and Spice category but that’s for my own organization purposes…..the post is now out in the Yummly world!

From there people visiting my site will click the YUM button…increasing my YUMs and people from Yummly will come across my post and click the YUM button.  The more YUMs you have the more likely your recipe will show up in searches.

Now, here’s the deal, you can’t change anything about your YUM’d post….meaning there’s no editing the photo…it gets auto chosen.  There’s no editing the text…that get’s auto chosen from your post title.  Once you’ve YUM’d your post you can only do it once.  So it’s different than Pinterest because you can’t pin to multiple boards or keep pushing it out there.  It’s a one time, wham-bam-thank you mam.

But, I went through and have only YUM’d 1/4 of my recipes and it’s already my #3 traffic provider….can you imagine what it will be like once more people discover Yummly and once I finish YUM’ing all of my recipes?!

So get out there and start using Yummly!  You’ll love watching your stats go up, up, away!

Have you used Yummly before? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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Saturday 16th of January 2016

Great advice! I am very new to the food blogging scene and am excited to use Yummly. I've always heard about it and looked at a few recipes, but never dipped my toes too deep. Thanks!

Sandra @

Thursday 27th of August 2015

Thanks so much for sharing your experience :) I am a new food blogger and I am excited to give this a try!


Tuesday 14th of April 2015

Thanks for this helpful guide to using Yummy. Appreciate your time in putting this together!


Thursday 16th of April 2015

I'm so glad you found it useful!!


Friday 10th of April 2015

Hi to everyone, my name is Gloria and I enjoyed this morning (Italy Time) your site. After all steps I my blog you can see my post about Yummly, I posted two recipes on Yummly site and the button on my blog..I still don't see my Yummly Publisher Page. The only thing I can see is my profile with JUST FOR YOU, RECIPE BOX and COLLECTIONS...... Why??? I need more steps to do or to fill??? I really don't understand and I'd like to have an answer from you to have clear how it works step bu step.... thanks again, wait for your news.

Gloria My blog is: Gloria Kitchen a stelle e strisce...e non solo!


Thursday 2nd of April 2015

Thanks for this post! I just started adding my recipes to Yummly now too.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.