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With people stealing photos left and right on the internet it’s so important to protect your work with a watermark.  Some people do a simple text watermark but you can get a truly professional look by creating your own custom watermark in PicMonkey.

Create a Custom Watermark

How to Create a Custom Watermark

Watermarks are VITAL for any blogger these days to keep your work from being stolen!  I’ve always loved the custom watermarks that I see on other sites but I don’t want to to pay someone to make one for me. If you’ve never used PicMonkey– it’s AWESOME!  It’s my favorite way to edit photos…it’s free or you can get the premium version which is packed full of extras for super cheap!

custom watermark

So, I’m going to share with you how to make a custom watermark using in just 10 steps!

  1. Upload any photo into– use any photo because you’re not going to use the photo.
  2. Go to the “Frames” tab and choose “Drop Shadow” Change the following values: Distance- all the way up to 30.  Size- all the way up to 100. Fade- all the way up to 100.
  3. Now you will have a HUGE white box around your picture– like this:
  4. Now click the transparent box and click apply– that box will disappear:
  5. Go back to the first “Basic Edits” tab and click “Crop”
  6. Move your crop box to the completely blank area at the bottom and click apply.
  7. DON’T FREAK OUT! I looks like you have nothing but wait….go over to the “Overlays” tab, go to “Geometric” and pick the rectangle overlay….now make it as big as you can to completely cover the “transparent” box that you just created. (I always change the box color to white because it makes it easier when designing your logo.
  8. Now, design how you want your watermark to look… have fun!
  9. Okay, now that you have your logo designed the way you want it… click on the white box overlay and delete it.                                
  10. Now you have a transparent background watermark for your photos.  Just click save (save as a .png file– you always want to save as a .png file when you have a transparent background or are using photos on the internet…they look better).

Now that you’re done creating a custom watermark you can easily add it to photos when you’re editing in PicMonkey– just add it as a Custom Overlay and you can adjust the transparency and size just like any other PicMonkey overlay.

Now you know how to create a custom watermark using PicMonkey…isn’t oh so easy?!

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